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Failure Is Not An Option

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Mara doesn’t kid around when she states that she measures her success, in part, by how many connections she makes weekly. I was fortunate to be one of those ‘connections’ a few weeks ago.

Mara and I discovered one another via LinkedIn and began a collaboration exploration. It didn’t take me more than five minutes to see that her beautiful pendants, that double as a PERS (personal emergency response system), needed to be part of the Kuel Life Community.

Many of us are currently facing elder care decisions for our loved ones. Some of the women in our Kuel Life Community are ready to make choices about their own personal care. So, whether you need one for your Mother or Aunt or Yourself; the Trelawear option gives us the opportunity to keep our sense of fashion…..for as long as we want.

Welcome Mara Perlmutter to Kuel Life.

KUELLIFE: What type of business do you own/run?

MARA: I am the Founder & CEO of Trelawear Inc., the first jewelry inspired attractive, discreet Personal Emergency Response System Devices (commonly referred to as PERS) in the market.

My Mother Made Me Do It:

KUELLIFE:  What prompted you or drove you to become an entrepreneur? When?

MARA: Three and a half years ago, when my beautiful fashionista mom suddenly became more housebound. My dad wanted her to wear an emergency alert pendant. He bought five different types and my mom refused to wear any of the unattractive plastic pendants. She instinctively said to me “Mara, you’ve been in the jewelry business over 25 years, can’t you make me something beautiful to wear in case of an emergency?” With that request the idea of Trelawear (trela is alert spelled backward) was born.

KUELLIFE: What’s your biggest struggle?

I am disrupting and changing the narrative of an industry that is dominated by men”

MARA: I am disrupting and changing the narrative of an industry that is dominated by men and was built on fear, even though 70% of the PERS users are women. It is taking more time then I had hoped to establish our brand and build the community of Trelawear users.

KUELLIFE: What is your biggest fear as an entrepreneur? How do you work through it?

MARA: Failure, for me, is not an option. I have always had a very positive attitude and accept that being an entrepreneur is a roller coaster ride with highs and lows. I don’t dwell on the lows and celebrate the “highs”.

Connections Are Key:

KUELLIFE: How do you measure your success?

MARA: Financials, ie Sales. Also how many new connections I make weekly. This keeps me engaged, excited, and open to exploring new ways to collaborate and build my business.

“Though it’s a cliché, Passion and Commitment”


KUELLIFE: Finally, what advice would you give other women about taking an entrepreneurial path?

MARA: Though it’s a cliché, Passion and Commitment. My business is dedicated to serving my Mom and all the other women like her who deserve to have a Safety with Style option for keeping them safe while looking & feeling great regardless of their age!.



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2 thoughts on “Failure Is Not An Option

  1. Coreen Mayerhofer says:

    Love the idea of this brand. It is something I wish I knew about when my grandmother was alive. She would have been the perfect customer for this item. Good luck!

    • Kuel Membership logo large
      Kuel Life says:

      Yes, it’s a wonderful improvement in the PERS market. It’s empowering to wear something beautiful that can also be life-saving. I am sure your grandmother would have loved it.

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