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Fashion Hacks For Curvy Girls

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Beauty & Fashion Kuel Thought Leader: Gail Scott

As a curvy gal myself, fashion has been a tough road for me at times.

It seems that the skinny gals get all the choices, but thank goodness, things are improving! More retailers are producing garments in extended sizing to meet consumer demand. The average size for a woman in the US is 14, so it makes sense for them to extend the sizing that has long been in place.

“If you are tall, then look for plus tall.”

13 Ways To Look Your Best As A Plus-Sized Or Curvy Gal:

1.) Wear the correct size. Tags mean very little. Do not be sensitive to going up a size if that is needed. Less expensive brands tend to run smaller. Some materials and shapes do not allow for any give, so get what fits, regardless of the size.

2.) If you are plus size, you may be like me and have a fluctuating waist line. I work around this dilemma by purchasing items with some stretch or give to them, and stay away from fitted waist lines. This approach allows me more wear out of my pieces.

3.) All plus size gals are not short, even though some manufacturers seem to have believed that. If you are tall, then look for plus tall. But make sure that they are long in the leg and not just the torso…I mean, who really has a long crotch?

Just Cause It Fits Doesn’t Mean You Should Wear It:

4.) Realize that everything does not work in a larger size. Some items do not have the same look when made in a larger size and placed on a larger body. I am not being ugly, just REAL. Tiny garments get lost on large bodies, and proportion matters.

For instance, thin little spaghetti straps look ridiculous on me and out of place. I am not suggesting that you shouldn’t wear whatever you feel comfortable in, but just as some things don’t work on tiny gals (like a large trench coat), some things don’t work with curves. Let’s acknowledge that and find our best look. Just because it comes in your size doesn’t mean it will be flattering.

5.) Keep accessories in proportion as well. Tiny little pieces look unbalanced and get lost on fuller figured gals.

“Choose fabrics that do not add weight.”

6.) Choose fabrics that do not add weight. The last thing I need is a huge puffer coat adding to my frame. I look better in something not so full.

Plus-Size Or Curvy Shopping:

7.) Don’t be afraid of garments with shape! So many curvy girls drown themselves in shapeless pieces that make them look fuller than they are. It can even make us look sloppy and not well-dressed.

8.) There is a middle ground between matronly clothing and stripper clothing. Plus-size or curvy shopping may make you think otherwise. Find the right places to shop. Some of my faves are Eloquii, New York & Co., Marshall’s, and Amazon.

9.) Don’t accept boring. There is interesting curvy and plus-size fashion out there. Don’t accept the poly-cotton knit shirt and knit pant combo.

10.) If you are petite and curvy, show some leg! And avoid cutting off your leg at odd places.

11.) And watch those prints! Choose prints that are in proportion with your size.

Worth The Investment:

12.) Fabric choice is critical for a polished look. Fabrics that cling to bumps and bulges or ones that are too thin can be unflattering. Look for heartier knits without bulk (try scuba knits or nicely woven sweater knits), jeans made out of quality denim, and leggings that are actually pants and not thin workout wear or hosiery.

13.) If this is all hard for you, hire a stylist. It may not cost as much as you think and can be well-worth the investment. I save my clients money, time, and stress. My shopping skills can save clients enough cash to cover the cost of my services. A closet full of pieces you love, which fit well, and that mix and match is priceless.

“It doesn’t show bumps! It’s smoothing and sleek.”

4 Trends To Stay Away From If You’re Curvy:

1.THE EMPIRE WAIST: I’m just going to say it, I look pregnant in an empire waistline. Enough said.

2. BELTS: They work if your waist is smaller than your hips. But for some, it’s like tying a bow around your widest part.

3. DON’T TUCK: Yes and no. A partial tuck can be slimming and add interest.

4. SKIRTS BELOW THE KNEE: A skirt that strikes right at, or just above the top of the kneecap is flattering on most women. Consider your proportions in choosing a skirt length. Also don’t rule out a pencil skirt. I look ridiculous in A-lines, but feel great in a straight or pencil skirt.

8 Real Fashion Winners for Curvy Girls:

1.SWEATER DRESSING: The right knit can roll seamlessly over lumps and bulges and provide style and comfort. And they are on trend now!

2. GAUCHO PANTS: This cut is a fantastic option for curvy gals, whether you are tall or short.

3. LEATHER: It doesn’t show bumps! It’s smoothing and sleek.

4. TAILORED JACKETS: A jacket with shape can bring our curves into balance. Fit is key! And look for one with some stretch to it.

5. HEELS: Heels add height and change the overall look. But, if you are a curvy girl, consider the heel size and shape. Does it look like you are perching on a toothpick? Or do you look balanced and stable?

Go Sleeveless:

6. DETAILS: Interesting details around the neckline, on the shoulder, etc., can draw the eye up and give balance to a fuller midsection.

“Taking the time to find tops with the right sleeve makes me look much more put together..”

7. A LITTLE LONGER SLEEVE: Sleeve length can change the entire look of a top. If the tops of your arms are fuller, go sleeveless, or choose a sleeve that comes almost to the elbow or longer. When a cut goes across the widest part, it makes it appear larger. Taking the time to find tops with the right sleeve makes me look much more put together and helps me feel more confident.

8. GREAT BRAS: I cannot emphasize this enough. Get the girls the support for the job. I found out recently that I was wearing the wrong bras in both type and size. Getting the girls positioned where they belong will slim your waist line and make clothing fit better.

Love Our New Bras!

The gals at LIVIRAE LINGERIE did virtual fittings for myself and my business partner. We both love our new bras! These gals know bras and boobs, and even though it sounds weird, the virtual fitting was better than going into a store. Call to schedule a virtual fitting and mention “Midlife Moxie” to save on any purchases.

There are more options for curvy girls than ever before! We can now truly be part of the fashion scene. We are no longer limited to one rack in the back of the store, or the “Wide World of Women” Department.

After all, we curvy girls are mainstream baby, so get your fashion on and walk out the door looking your best!

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Gail Scott

About the Author:

Gail Scott is a 27 year veteran in the skin care and beauty industry, and loves helping women look their best. She specializes in really listening to her clients and teaching them how to get the look that they want, without wasting time, money, or products. Her interest in helping and mentoring women has lead her to a new adventure, MIDLIFE MOXIE, which is a community, lifestyle brand, and podcast all about women making this one of the best seasons of their lives.

She can be contacted at midlifemoxiepodcast@gmail.com, and found on IG @gailsscott. The MIDLIFE MOXIE podcast is available on all of the major podcast platforms or at https://midlifemoxie.libsyn.com.