Motivation is a curious thing. When Angie Weihs was four, her mom discarded her tomboy overalls, because she was “just a girl.” Angie decided to prove that she really was a super girl. She escaped a forced wedding in the 70s and went to college instead. After a career as a published author, photographer, and journalist in Germany, she explored her creative entrepreneurial side for a decade. Selling her successful construction company, art gallery, and organic restaurant in Portugal afforded her and her baby boy a happy life in Santa Fe, NM. Angie studied art therapy at a Jungian college; went through experiential therapies, and shamanic journeys to better understand herself and to avoid limiting her child. The rebel girl who was too independent to get married went to produce eco friendly weddings in Los Angeles, her three years of fame – and growing up.

She quit her decade-long, responsible but suffocating corporate job and its sexless business attire in 2016 following her heart to be an author again. “Too late,” society said. Being over 60 she was too old to create a new career; to do anything cool really. Time to jump into a red overall and revive her super girl. 

In nearly three years of outfit explorations, fashion evolved as a tool for awareness and empowerment. Women who embarked on a styling journey with her found confidence by discovering their ”real.”

Her upcoming memoir, “Maybe you should wear pink,” lets outfits talk and shows how to wear our souls on our sleeves so that the Universe can have our back. Reinventing ourselves during a worldwide pandemic is an unprecedented challenge.  Angie’s goal is to let our style help us rethink, redefine, and re-feel our lives. And, provide the clarity and power we need to reinvent a broken world. You can follow Angie on Instagram at agelessrebelmagic.

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