Debra Schwartz, of CRUSH.STYLE, is a stylist and designer with more than three decades in fashion, cosmetics, corporate design, branding, and digital media.

As a Confidence-Creator, an Amplifier of Self-Image, and an Architect of Empowerment for women her goal is to have you show up with confidence and style in chapters two, three, (or four!) of life. “My passion and mission is to bring elevation and joy to women through signature style… and reclaim your fabulousness”.

She can be contacted at [email protected] and at tel. 917-699-1686. Find Debra on Instagram Visit to learn more about Debra and how her signature style services can elevate you to the next level. & Join the CRUSHSTYLE Collective—A super collective of women sharing takes & tips on living with personal style, in fashion, in lifestyle. SHARE SHOW LEARN LAUGH.

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