Fern Weis is a Parent Empowerment Coach for Moms of Teens and a Family Recovery Coach. She’s also a wife, former middle school teacher, and the parent of two adult children who taught her more about herself than she ever could have imagined.  

With life revolving around a teen who was underachieving and making poor choices, she and her husband had no choice but to take an intervention for him and a hard look at themselves. They learned that love and good intentions are not enough; sometimes they are the problem.    

Fern partners with moms of teens and young adults, privately and in groups. She helps them grow their confidence to build strong relationships and emotionally healthier kids who become successful adults.  She knows first-hand that when parents do the work, the possibilities for change are limitless; that it’s never too late to start; and you don’t have to do it alone.Learn more about Fern at www.fernweis.com. She also has a private FB community, Connected Moms and Teens. If you’re ready, apply for a 1-hour complimentary consultation, [email protected]

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