Joan Senio’s professional career includes 20+ years as a private sector health care facilities executive and 15 years (and counting) as a consultant. Joan’s current consulting work is focused on strategic planning in energy, environment, and sustainability infrastructure resiliency. She is also Mom to two adult children, and a delightful rescue dog named Roxy. In her spare time Joan is a passionate beachcomber, shell seeker, cook and red wine enthusiast.

The common thread through Joan’s life has been a commitment to lead, mentor, and nurture future leaders (both in and outside the office) and women from all walks of life.

Joan founded KindCompasCoach to provide free, on-demand, kind, compassionate coaching via an openly accessible platform. KindCompasCoach articles and resources are well-researched and provide facts and knowledge as well as tips, guidance and advice for those who need support to address obstacles and challenges to their personal development and fulfillment. Areas of focus include mental health, physical health, well-being and relationships, just to name a few.

With an emphasis on positive psychology and self-discovery, KindCompasCoach seeks to motivate and support all people, especially women in midlife and beyond, to cast off self limiting doubts and dive into the awe inspiring possibilities of the future.

Joan joins Kuel Life as a thought leader in the area of self-discovery. 

To learn more, visit KindCompasCoach. You may also connect with Joan on Twitter (@KindCompascoach).

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