Julie Reinwald is the author of Design a Magical Life, Leave a Meaningful Legacy. Her early career as an interior designer still influences her style and her brand. But a huge pivot took place on her trajectory when a close family member descended into a years-long abyss of mental health issues, alcohol abuse, and attempts to take their own life. For Julie, the subsequent years would be an all-consuming progression from paralyzing fear and guilt, to acceptance, to healing, to letting go, and finally, to joy.

She uses her experiences as a way to inspire and empower others in designing lives of courage, vitality, and adventure, and creating meaningful legacies of hope and love. Julie lives with her husband in Lincoln, NE and has two adult children and one grandson. She loves travel, writing, and connecting with like-minded, vibrant women. She earned her master’s degree in Leadership at the age of 59 and believes that it’s never too late to realize our ultimate potential and to fulfill our most extraordinary dreams!

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