Karen has worked with over 100 clients, helping them untangle their money issues and to become more effective in their work because of it. To do this, Karen has studied financial issues extensively from both the practical, behavioral, and the emotional perspectives.

She has been certified by Deborah Price of the The Money Coaching Institute as a Certified Money Coach, a Couples Money Coach, and a Business Archetype Coach. She has studied with Lynne Twist from the Soul of Money Institute for two years on Mastering your Money and Transforming your Life, including studies in Lynne’s Fundraising from the Heart program. 

Further, Karen has made use of that training through her own role as founding member at Clear Sky meditation center, and is currently Chair of the Board, leader of Fund Development & meditation teacher. Her passion for this arises out of her deep desire to make the world a better place, and her realization that so many amazing women over 45 struggle to reach their potential because of not understanding their relationship to money.

Welcome Karen McAllister as a Kuel Life Money Thought Leader.

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