Lisa Schmitz is the Creative Director for Walking Cradles shoes – a women’s shoe company whose mission is to hit the perfect combo of fit, comfort and style for a wide range of women’s shoe sizes. Working in this women driven company, Lisa is able to combine her years of experience with marketing, advertising, graphic design and shoe modeling. Yes, for 30 years Lisa has been a fit-test model for many different shoe brands. Working closely with the shoe designer, Jamie Wells, Lisa is involved in many aspects of the research, development, fit-testing and marketing of the shoes.

Prior to joining Walking Cradles full-time, and in addition to shoe modeling, Lisa worked freelance while helping raise 5 children. She holds a BA with a double-major in Fine Art and Fashion Marketing, a Masters in Visual Communications and a Micro Masters in Digital Marketing. She and her husband, Craig, live in St. Louis where they are now almost empty-nesters! Lisa has always believed that women have the power to uplift, inspire and support each other collectively through their own unique talents. Lisa is honored to have been selected as a shoe-expert with Kuel Life and to have Walking Cradles shoes available for purchase in the Kuel Shop.

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