Michelle has been starting and building businesses, professionally training and coaching within the small business sector over the last 34 years. Even as a child, the entrepreneurial spirit drove her to build communities and provide services to others and this continued throughout her life at each stage.

When her children were born, her passion for child development and education inspired her to commit many years to intense study in these areas. She was instrumental in 2 Waldorf charter school initiatives, started and grew 2 pre-schools, led numerous homeschooling collaboratives and started and ran several home businesses during this time.

A serious student of personal development for more than 30 years, she was personally mentored by several high performance athletic and business trainers, including Peter McLaughlin, Paul Meyer and Lou Tice. She worked as a sales professional, trainer and coach at Success Motivation Institute and The Pacific Institute, where she participated in corporate team training, team building and intimate retreats for women and families.

Much of her life has been “in-the-trenches” business experience, starting and growing a variety of businesses, including a VA business, online courses, franchise owner and trainer, dinner theater, talent agent, digital marketing agency and now a coaching business for midlife women. She offers a transparent conversation and relevant, valuable content for entrepreneurial women in midlife. She shares effective, holistic approaches to growing yourself to grow your business. You can find Michelle on her site and you can follow her on IG.

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