An activist in the global health revolution, Nancy is committed to practicing the best version of herself every day, and to using her talents to contribute to the upliftment of humankind. Nancy teaches the therapeutic techniques from yoga – like breathwork – to help her clients with recovery from addiction, trauma, and chronic pain.

Nancy is a writer, yoga therapist, and life-long entrepreneur,  who has conducted retreats and training in Greece, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Arizona, Detroit, Florida, New Jersey, Colorado, Hawaii, and the Navajo Nation. Her approach to teaching yoga is the product of 35 years of her own practice, her ownership of a successful yoga studio in Hawaii for 5 years, 12 years of training yoga teachers, 8 years of training yoga therapists, and 24 years of teaching. 

She is the mother of two adult women and the wife of an actor. When she isn’t working on her business, she and her husband are building an earth roof home in the woods of New Jersey.

You can find out more about Nancy at or Nancy Candea on Facebook and Instagram

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