Ronda is an Alchemist—she takes conventional thinking, social, and cultural norms around Sex, Intimacy, and Pleasure and turns them on their heads!  

She has a passion to help women (and more than a few men) reconnect to Pleasure and reawaken the truth of Pleasure as Our Birthright—yes, this is true for each and everyone of us. The awareness that there is no expiration date on pleasure has been helpful for women of all ages to realize they are built for pleasure—yes, this is true in the most literal sense: Women. Are. Built. For. Pleasure.

After successfully exiting the marketing company she founded in 1992 and weathering the end of her 25-year marriage, she took a deep dive into what truly makes her soul thrive—helping people live more joyful lives. This has evolved to an alchemist style of teaching, speaking, and mentoring that transcends the professional and personal to transform lives.

Ronda bounces between Kansas City, Naples, and Austin where she occasionally has in person appointments available. Phone or video conference appointments are also available. You can connect with Ronda by email at [email protected]. This is where she loves receiving comments and currently schedules appointments.  

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