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Feeling Resistance In Midlife – Let’s Talk About It

elaine williams april 2024

Laughter Thought Leader: Elaine Williams

Do you ever resist doing what you know you need to do?

Resistance: Let’s Talk About It:

I hope you answered yes, because it’s a very human thing; this thing called resistance or procrastination.

“Doing the work is everything.”

 One of my favorite writers is Seth Godin and one of my favorite books of his is: The Practice, which is about creative work. (Which I also think applies to coaching and growing a business as well.)

Seth’s premise is that doing the work is everything. Doing the work is everything.


I don’t really like that statement. My ego wants the applause, the red carpet, the spotlight, the red roses. Moreover, I feel like, (and I hate to admit this) I’m more into the end results. I love the “Ta-Da!”

Joy In The Journey:

There is a part of me that is often looking for the short cut. God I hate admitting this! Even when I know that there is joy in the journey. There is magic that happens with the sweat and tears that are along the way. Success comes when you do the work. Satisfaction comes when you do the work. Fulfillment comes when you do the work.

“Fulfillment comes when you do the work.”

Practice” in Seth’s definition does not mean what you do in preparation for the Real Game, as in basketball practice or practicing playing the piano.

“The practice” is the game. What you and I do every day when we enter our workspace, close the door, and sit down to pursue our dream. It is lifelong. The practice transcends aspiration for success. It also endures when everything else fades. In addition, it is personal, ours alone. It is sacred.

Observe any artist or business person you admire—living or dead, male or female, wild-and-crazy or conventional and sane. Everyone will have a practice, and if you ask them their secret, they’ll tell you, “I do it every day and nothing gets in the way of that.”

In case you needed a kick in the pants today, you’re welcome.

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About the Author:

Elaine Williams is an award winning Video & Visibility Coach, Speaker, Best Selling Author and Comedian. Some of her credits: Saturday Night Live, America’s Got Talent, The New York Times, Hay House Radio & the Huffington Post.

Elaine’s clients have gone from never doing video/speaking live to having their own You Tube Channels, doing International Book Tours, and speaking for NASA. 

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