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Five Questions To Ask Before Booking Your Next Trip

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Travel Kuel Category Expert: Sarin Raj

Yes, you can absolutely book your next trip yourself, but should you? 

Are you feeling the pull yet? That pull to find adventure, to explore, to immerse yourself in far-off cultures? If you’re a travel lover like me, you’ve probably been feeling it for months.

Questions To Yourself Before You Book:

Here are 5 questions I recommend asking yourself BEFORE you start planning or booking anything:

1: Do I have vetted information from a trusted source that the hotel or resort I’m booking is what it says it is?

“Countries are constantly adjusting their entry requirements and protocols as new variants unleash.”

2: Do I have confirmation of what amenities and resources are available at my resort or hotel post-COVID?

3: Have I looked at the fine print to make sure the tour or travel package I’m booking has no blackout dates and that I understand the cancellation/change fee policies?

4: Do I have a backup plan or someone I can call for advice should anything go wrong while I travel?

5: Do I know I’m truly getting the best prices and the best amenities and perks for my investment?

If the answer is yes to all of the above, then go ahead and book!

Stay Flexible:

One of the top things I tell clients who are comfortable enough to travel during these times is – STAY FLEXIBLE ….and calm when change happens. Countries are constantly adjusting their entry requirements and protocols as new variants unleash.

If you are unsure, find a trusted source.

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Sarin Raj

About the Author:

Sarin Raj, an accountant by profession has turned her ever-growing passion for travel and love for structure & attention to details, into helping busy women professionals by giving back their precious time and taking on the finer details of trip planning.

Sarin founded Traveluxepro in 2018 with a mission to help women professionals ‘just show up and enjoy’ their vacations. As a responsible travel advisor, Sarin makes traveling & learning about the next best destination & experiences a priority. So that she can bring back her experiences and share it with her clients. Follow her on social: Instagram. You can book a complimentary 20-minute discovery call at the link over on Sarin’s website.