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Five Ways To Help Dry Skin

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Beauty Kuel Category Expert: Lakshmi Devi Ethirajan

Whether your skin is parched year-round or feels worse in winter, never fear: we’ve got 5 tips that offer soothing help for dry skin! 

“Coat after coat of moisturizer may provide temporary relief..”

If you’re prone to dry skin, you know it can be tricky to manage, especially in the cooler, drier months or for those living in dry regions. Coat after coat of moisturizer may provide temporary relief for the tight, itchy, or even cracking layers on your hands, face and/or body… but wouldn’t it be nice to have some ways that help from within? 

Some of the best help for dry skin starts from within…

1. Stay Hydrated:

Skin that doesn’t hold moisture well is called “dry.” When your body is dehydrated, dry skin is one result. So, one way to help your skin stay in balance in terms of hydration is to make sure you’re taking enough in! 

Did you know that by the time you feel thirsty, you’re already low on fluids? To keep your skin happy, drink plenty of water throughout the day: eight 8-ounce glasses is the general guideline. 

“Instead of using thirst as your alarm, set an actual alarm to remind you to stop.”

Try having a glass with each of your meals and snacks. In cooler months when there’s no heat to dial up your thirst, you’re more likely to drink less. Instead of using thirst as your alarm, set an actual alarm to remind you to stop, take a break, and have a glass of water. Bonus: the break will be good for your brain and energy levels too! 

Minimize Or Avoid Caffeine, It Makes Your Skin Dry:

Another way to help yourself stay hydrated is to avoid things that dehydrate you, like caffeine. Caffeine gives you a quick energy surge—one that millions count on to pump them up through the day. But because caffeine also has a diuretic effect, your coffee, tea, or cola encourages more urination; your body has less moisture to keep skin plump and to help with all its regular functions.  

For example, dehydrated skin is also less effective at flushing away toxins. And if all that doesn’t give you pause, remember this: caffeine reduces collagen in your skin which can make your skin appear less plump, and you, look older.

So now you know how to help your skin from within, let’s look at supporting your hydration from the outside

2. Dry Air:

Heating units and fireplaces that keep you warm, also tend to add dry air to your environment. Combat environmental dryness by keeping a humidifier running near your bed, desk, or living space. This will add moisture to the air, and reduce the amount that’s pulled from your skin’s surface. (It’s important to clean your humidifier regularly, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, since molds also like moisture.)

“Many have been shown to be disruptive to our hormones & lead to skin irritation.”

3. Choose Paraben-Free Products:

Widely-distributed commercial products tend to have parabens of some type because they’re a reliable way to extend shelf life. But the trade-off for health may not be worth it. Many have been shown to be disruptive to our hormones, lead to skin irritation, and could even increase cancer risks. They’re easy to find once you know what to look for: in most cases, “paraben” is part of the ingredient name! 

4. Skip Artificial Fragrances And/Or Deodorants:

And we don’t just mean the type you put on your underarms or spritz on your pulse points. These ingredients are found in laundry and cleaning products, air fresheners, hand sanitizers, body creams, hair and skin products… just about everywhere! 

Manufactured scents and deodorizers are top offenders for irritation, increased sensitivities, and dehydrating effects. Instead, choose products with natural botanicals, and that marked fragrance-free (“unscented” might just mean the manufacturer has added more ingredients to mask the fragrance!).

“Be gentle. Think nourishment, rather than punishment!”

5. Keep Skincare Gentle:

In our hurry-up world, many of us tend to rush through our skincare routines (and many other routines as well!). We roughly towel off to get dry faster or use vigorous scrubs or masks to make skin glow, rather than caring for our skin holistically. 

Instead, take your self-care time as a respite from daily stress. Be gentle. Think nourishment, rather than punishment!

  • Skip hot water, scrub brushes, and harsh exfoliants. Instead, choose warm water, use a light touch when cleansing, and exfoliants with smooth vs jagged particles. 
  • Pat dry with a soft, natural fiber towel. 
  • Use natural products designed to be gentle, add needed nutrients, and lock in moisture with a serum and/or moisturizer designed for your skin type. 

Help for dry skin begins with good self-care. Because when you love your skin, it’s more likely to love you back—and dry, itchy, flakes may become a part of your past. 

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About the Author:

Lakshmi is a holistic skincare specialist. She is the founder of Srida Herbals an organic and vegan friendly skincare line. She aspires to create products that help people feel confident their own skin and ditch the harsh chemicals in their skincare routine.

By founding Srida Herbals, she wants to influence the skincare world around her. She focuses on bringing together her knowledge about centuries old skincare traditions and her 20+ years of pharmaceutical skills to create products that are toxin-free and safe. In her products she uses ingredients in their righteous quantities to maximize the effect of the skin. She wants others to understand that skincare is an holistic ritual and it’s not the active process of using chemicals filled products that give an instant effect. Follow Lakshmi on Instagram and shop her products in the Kuel Shop.