Fly With Her AnyWhere


Holy Cow! We’d be remiss not to showcase this badass Kuel Woman in Women Who Inspire.

Tammie Jo Shults was piloting Southwest flight 1380 when the 737 lost an engine and part of the aircraft. What followed, for what probably seemed like an eternity, was nothing short of amazing.

As expected, inside the cabin chaos ensued -a smashed window, a passenger pulled through – sadly not surviving, oxygen masks falling, crash positions assumed… In the cockpit, Shults stepped up her game. She didn’t panic. Her voice never quivered. As calmly as if she was suggesting some dinning options, she communicated with an air traffic controller. She systematically detailed the situation and the changing circumstances; all the while executing an emergency landing in Philadelphia.

This awesome badass single-handedly saved the lives of 148 passengers.



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