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Gaining or Losing Weight – Whose Business Is It Anyway?

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I was struck by the backlash on social media last month related to Adele’s (the super famous singer) substantial weight loss.

Are there THAT many MORE overweight women than men? I doubt it.”

First, I was angry that anyone would have the nerve to bash someone for taking steps to better health. Then, when I sat with it longer… I became furious that we feel completely comfortable analyzing, criticizing, critiquing, or praising a STRANGER’S body. Moments later, my ‘woman hear me roar’ gene kicked in and I tried to think of a time when a MAN’S weight change has been served up as fodder for public consumption. I came up empty.

In the big celebrity hype about weight loss for 2019, Prevention Magazine showcased 40 Celebrities Weight Loss to inspire and encourage us to follow suit. 75% of those highlighted: you guessed it – WOMEN. Really? Are there THAT many MORE overweight women than men? I doubt it.

Why is it OK to digest, salivate over, and reject a woman’s body? This is not dissimilar to how I felt regarding the body bashing that JLo and Shakria took about their Super Bowl HalfTime performance back in January.

WTF’s WIth The Backlash For Losing Weight?

But, there’s even more to it. We are in a health crisis. COVID19 thrives on bringing down those with chronic illnesses: diabetes, heart disease. What causes these types of issues? I know some people are plagued with illnesses through genetics, but the leading cause of these chronic diseases are LIFESTYLE choices. And, I use the word ‘choices’ very carefully. I do know there are people who struggle with psychological eating disorders and therefore may have difficulty getting to a place where they can make those choices. I am not qualified to talk about that. What I am qualified to talk about; is me. 

My decision and success in ridding myself of potentially health hazardous weight gain has nothing to do with anyone else’s success, failure or indifference.”

What About Me?

Between 52 and 54, I gained about 15 pounds. While that may not seem like a lot of weight; to my 5’2 frame it’s a substantial percentage – about 12.5%. No one mentioned it to me. If I’d say something; I would be quickly re-assured that they couldn’t tell or that I ‘looked great.’ I didn’t feel great. I felt tired, sluggish, uncomfortable in my own skin. My closet became a museum of hanging statues, frozen still and left alone. The only piece ‘displayed’ or taken on ‘tour’, out of my closet, required an elastic waistband.

For me it ended up being a combination of having to ‘fix’ my hormones and food. I am not advocating this for all women. But, hormone replacement was one of the factors that worked for me. I was estrogen dominant and my progesterone and testosterone had vacated the building. The perfect storm for the Shar-pei puppy phenomenon occurring in my mid-section. I chose to pursue BHRT (bio-identical hormone replacement therapy). But, I also had to make a decision about food. Exercise was not moving the dial. After much experimentation I have found what works for me. 

Given I am no celebrity, no one is ‘talking’ about it. It’s mine alone. But, I’d be ok with affirmation that the changes I chose to make are positive. My decision and success in ridding myself of potentially health hazardous weight gain has nothing to do with anyone else’s success, failure or indifference. It’s only MINE – whether or not it is publicly discussed. 

4 thoughts on “Gaining or Losing Weight – Whose Business Is It Anyway?

  1. Tanyss A Mason says:

    Jack, I appreciate this article and in particular you sharing your experiences. Can you provide more information and insight on the food changes you have made that you have found to be useful? I am really struggling with the same things you describe – I am currently working with a great NC/Chapel Hill based Dr. (Elizabeth Motyka) wrt hormones, now need to tackle the diet change piece. Thanks! Tanyss

    • Jack Perez says:

      Thanks Tanyss, Absolutely. I practice intermittent fasting 16 hours off/ 8 hours on, five days a week. I mix-up the off days to keep my body confused. I exercise before I eat; forcing my body to use energy in reserves (fat) to get me through it. I have a ‘smoothie’ about six days a week to break the fast – I use a mix of super greens, celery, ginger root, with a bit of frozen fruit, and either a half of an orange or half an apple. I mostly stay away from processed anything and have really cut back on my diary. I have a FABULOUS CHEAT DAY – where I will indulge in WHATEVER I desire. Hope this helps…. I am happy to chat about any of this, if you want.

    • Jack Perez says:

      Thanks Dean… I think you may be the ONLY man who has written a comment on this site…. tee hee… Glad to see all this estrogen didn’t scare you away!

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