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Get Moving In Midlife – Drive Your Fitness

Lesley McShane September 2023

Midlife Fitness: Lesley McShane

September 27th is National Women’s Fitness Day.

This means you – no matter your age. Release the urge to say that you can’t get fit or that you don’t like it. Movement, whatever that is for you, offers so many aging benefits that you cannot afford to skip it.

Maybe you feel that fitness is for everyone other than you. But I’m guessing you have not been motivated the right way to believe that you, too, can get fit. How about a few motivating thoughts to push your desire to forward?

“Movement, whatever that is for you, offers so many aging benefits that you cannot afford to skip it.”

Do Not Become A Frail Old Lady:

If you do not work on your fitness now, you could become frail in your older age. Lifting weights and maintaining lean muscle mass will help you in all facets of aging. It improves balance and posture, which you will need to stand up out of a chair alone or get out of bed unassisted.

You do not have to lift massive weights, but you do need to put your muscles under tension to get the benefits. And it does not take much – 20-30 minutes two to four days a week. At the most, two hours out of your entire week.

Let FOMO Drive Your Fitness:

Do you have dreams of traveling to new locations as you get more time to do it in your midlife and beyond? Do you want to hike the Grand Canyon or go snow skiing with friends? These things take body preparation that you cannot get overnight.

Imagine when the day arrives and your friends leave to do these fun things, but you are not physically able to join them. What is worse than being left behind when you could have controlled the outcome from the very beginning?

Do Not Let “Can’t” Win:

It is easy to avoid working on your fitness by telling yourself, “I can’t”. Can’t is a dirty word that is full of negative vibes. It is easy to say you cannot do something out of fear or avoidance. But what if you told yourself that you, in fact, can do things you are afraid of trying?

“Confidence builds confidence.”

Put a plan together, no matter how long it may take, and do the work until you can. Imagine the freedom you will feel when you break through, all the way to can. And when you know what is possible, the next challenge will not seem so overwhelming. Confidence builds confidence.

Surprise Yourself With Fitness:

You do not have to be an expert at things the first time you try. But you may surprise yourself with what is possible. Be curious. Try things out. Make it less about success and failure and more about doing something good for your body.

Take care of your body through fitness and it will take care of you through the years. There is no better time to start than today. Do not wait for tomorrow. Start reaping the benefits of your fitness today.

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About the Author:

Lesley McShane is an advocate for all things midlife health and wellness. She is a podcaster, writer, author, and ACSM certified personal trainer who is fully committed to encouraging middle-aged women to prioritize their fitness and nutrition NOW to feel better and live happier, longer. She hosts the top 1.5% globally ranked podcast Redesigning Midlife where she and her guests talk about embracing the empowerment of midlife with the realization that it is never too late to feel amazing. Her mission is to help women discover that everything they need to create an epic and healthy second half of life already lives inside them.

Lesley enjoys cycling, music, being with family and friends, IPAs, the NFL, her doggies, motivating people, and generally being curious about life. You can visit her website at www.lesleylmcshane.com.