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Get Out Of Your Own Way; Here’s How

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Getting out of your own way by eradicating negative thoughts is a critical key to success. In this quick Instagram video, master trainer and Kuel Life coach, Elaine shares with her followers a simple method to help quarantine those pesky pessimistic notions. Elaine, of CoreStrength50Plus, suggests writing down your concerns and then following it up with a positive solution. This way, when you find yourself shaken on your path towards your goal, you can remind yourself how you’ve already got it covered.
I researched a few other actions that are commonly touted to help get us out of a negative mindset and here are my favorite three:
Share Time With Positive People
Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to change our own mindset in a vacuum. Spending time with other, uplifting individuals, can help us ‘forget’ why we were feeling negative or depressed. The feelings of joy brought about engaging in a fun activity can help us get past a temporary ‘bad’ space. From personal experience, I am almost always lifted from my funk after sharing time with one, or more, of the amazing women in my life.
Inspect Negative Thoughts Then Let Them Wash Over You
It almost seems preposterous, but sometimes we can become stuck in having the naysaying thoughts round robin in our mind. The trick here is to STOP thinking the way you’re thinking in the moment. I know; easier said than done. Also, in the world of clinical psychology meets Buddhism, the recommendation is to inspect those thoughts, a bit, to better understand their origin providing a more productive way of handling them.
Dealing with your inner critic may require some scolding from your end. How Negative Thoughts Are Ruining Your Life , an article in Psychology Today suggests we tell ourselves: “It’s not me, it’s my critical inner voice. These thoughts are not my conscience trying to keep me on track; they are an internal enemy trying to take me off course and steer me away from my interests and goals.” Disowning our own mean talk goes a long way in terminating it.
Be Active
“Some research shows that physical activity such as regular walking — not just formal exercise programs — may help improve mood. Physical activity and exercise are not the same thing, but both are beneficial to your health.” – Mayo Clinic
Negativity feeds off of us moping around and feeling sorry for ourselves. Ruminating on our bad luck / worries / fears will not diminish them in any way. Exercise releases ‘feel-good’ endorphins that can enhance our sense of well-being. This goes a long way in taking our minds off the worry track. Regular exercise also goes a long way in helping us gain confidence, have more social interactions if we spend time outdoors walking and interacting with others, and allows us to develop healthy coping mechanisms to handle those pesky, pernicious thoughts in the future. A long, brisk walk is a much healthier alternative to a few cocktails.

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