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Gray Divorce: What Women Who Divorce Later In Life Need To Know


Think of it as a financial decision, not an emotional one.

USNews reports that even though overall divorce rates are dropping in the US, the number of divorces for people over 50 is rising.

Knowing, from personal experience, how traumatic divorce can be – mine was ‘pre-Gray’. I wanted to share this article with all KuelWomen.

“You can’t let emotions rule in this place.”

Divorce From Bad To Worse:

If you’re facing one and you’re in your fifties. There are a variety of circumstances that can turn the event from bad to worse. Some of us, in conjunction with our spouses. Chose to step out of the workforce to raise a family.

That automatically puts us at a financial disadvantage. Not only do we have fewer personal financial assets, we have big gaps in our resumes and potentially our skill sets. Let’s now add the fact we LIVE LONGER. Does this just mean we get to be broke for longer?


Sadly, the emotional trauma of it process can lead women to make rash, financially catastrophic, decisions in the interest of expediting the process.

“That is financial suicide,” Aviva Pinto, a certified divorce financial analyst at Bronfman E.L. Rothschild in New York, says. “You can’t let emotions rule in this place. You have to have a saner head counsel you, or you have to come to grips where divorce is really about the money.”

This USNews article details some very important things to consider if you find yourself facing a Gray Divorce.

Click here for the full article.

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