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How 50 Plus Women Unleash Their Dynamic Power In Business And Career

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Healthy Living Strategies Kuel Category Expert: Diana Devi

Hey there! We’re living in some pretty exciting times, especially for women over 50. 

There’s a big shift happening in the workforce, one that you are in the right place to take advantage of! This change was brilliantly put into words in an Esquire magazine article titled The Seismic Shift That’s About to Change the American Workplace on February 13th, 2024. It’s a game-changer. Here is how you make the most of it. We’ve got wisdom, we’ve got grace, and it’s our time to shine in our businesses and careers. It’s time for our power in business to shine through.

What’s the Buzz In The Esquire Article?

What’s this article all about? It’s a spotlight on what’s happening in the work world, both here in the U.S. and globally. We’ve got a bunch of “Baby Boomers” (used in the article – and by the way, we are more than boomers.. ) heading into retirement, and it’s shaking things up. This isn’t just about a bunch of people leaving their jobs; it’s a fabulous opportunity for us, the over-50 crowd. It’s our time to have our power in business shine through.

“In today’s business environment, this isn’t just experience – it’s like striking gold.”

It’s like the universe is saying, “Hey, your experience and maturity? We need you now.” The article is a wake-up call, not just for businesses to recognize our value, but also for us, the over-50 crowd, to seize this moment as an opportunity to rethink and reshape our own businesses and working world.

13 Career Superpowers For The 50 Plus Woman:

1. Celebrating Our Rich Experience:

Don’t sell yourself short! Your journey so far? It’s filled with wealth of knowledge, skills, and a whole lot of savvy. In today’s business environment, this isn’t just experience – it’s like striking gold. Whether you’re running your own company, leading a team, or managing a project, it’s that deep understanding you’ve got in business and people. That’s your superpower.

2. Redefining Energy: Choosing Fulfillment Over Fatigue:

Remember when work meant endless hours of grind? Those days are long gone. Now, we’re all about finding work that lights us up. For us running our businesses, or a leadership team it’s all about diving into work that mentally sparks joy, aligns with what we love, and still lets us have a personal life.

3. Assertive Clarity in Our Career and Business Goals:

Want more power in your business and career? Get crystal clear and stand your ground on what you want in our careers and businesses. It means setting the rules of the game – what you’re up for and what’s a no-go. It’s about confidently shouting out your worth and making smart moves in our  business journey.

“Getting the hang of the latest tech can really give your businesses or careers a boost.”

4. Self-Care: A Non-Negotiable Professional Strategy:

Let’s talk self-care, and I mean serious business here. The fabulous over-50 crowd, looking after your health and well-being isn’t just nice-to-have; it’s absolutely essential. Think about it – staying healthy and balanced is the secret sauce to your success in work and business.

5. Embracing Technology: Enhancing Our Business and Career:

Tech isn’t the enemy – it’s your ally. Getting the hang of the latest tech can really give your businesses or careers a boost. It’s about staying sharp, efficient, and one step ahead of the game.

6. Leveraging Life Experience as a Competitive Advantage:

All those years under your belt? They’re not just numbers. They give you a perspective in business that’s downright invaluable. It’s about playing up your strengths in understanding different business rhythms, handling people, and navigating through ups and downs.

7. Networking: Building a Supportive Professional Ecosystem:

Your network is more than just names in an address book. It’s a rich community that’s got your back, filled with opportunities and resources. Cultivating this network is essential, whether for growing your business or shifting gears in your careers.

8. Lifelong Learning: Keeping Ourselves and Our Businesses Relevant:

Never stop learning – it’s the rule of the game. Whether it’s picking up new skills for a career shift, or keeping our businesses in tune with the latest trends, every new thing you  learn is a feather in your cap.

9. Positively Adapting to Change:

Change can be a bit scary, sure, but it’s also packed with new chances. Tackling this change with a can-do attitude is key. Whether it’s shaking things up in taking your businesses in new directions or your career, staying positive helps us face challenges head-on and grab those opportunities.

“Change can be a bit scary, sure, but it’s also packed with new chances.”

10. Mentorship and Knowledge Sharing:

You’ve got a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Whether it’s guiding the next generation in business or sharing our insights at work, spreading our wisdom can be super rewarding. It’s our chance to give back and make an impact.

11. Balancing Professional Ambition with Personal Fulfillment:

It’s all about striking that perfect balance between going after our career goals and keeping true to ourselves. Aligning your work ambitions with your personal values makes sure your professional journey is not just successful, but also deeply fulfilling.

12. Innovation and Creativity: Our Secret Weapons:

All these years haven’t just made you wise; it’s made you a  creative powerhouse. In your business and career, you can use this creativity to cook up unique solutions, whip up exciting new products or services, and tackle problems from a whole new angle.

13. Building Resilience and Flexibility:

If there’s one thing you’ve learned over the years, it’s how to roll with the punches. Being resilient and adaptable is crucial in today’s ever-shifting work world. It helps you bounce back from tough times and adjust to new twists and turns in your careers and businesses.

For all us women over 50, the professional and personal world is the land of opportunity! It’s our time to shine. Let’s strive for our power in business and career using all that experience, wisdom, and perspective to grow professionally. Let’s grab this opportunity to be confident, graceful and maybe even sexy!

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Diane Devi

About the Author:

I understand. I’ve also looked in the mirror and felt old.

When I was in my early 50’s I felt invisible. I couldn’t sleep. I had no energy. I was gaining weight. I looked and felt old. Was this going to be my fate? My life? It wasn’t supposed to be this way! I wanted to be the vibrant and lively woman that I saw at a local restaurant celebrating her 80th birthday. She was surrounded by people who enjoyed her company, her wit, and her laughter. I wanted that! I wanted to age with vitality and grace, like Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren.

As a clinical pharmacist with over 35 years of experience and a tango instructor for over a decade, I created “An Ageless Life: Look 10 Years Younger” Program. It’s designed to help women overcome the same challenges I faced. Age is just a number, it’s how you live your life that counts. Want to know more? Join my facebook group at : https://www.facebook.com/anagelesslife/