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How Do You Pick The Best Hotel?

Sarin Raj Images July 2022

Travel Thought Leader: Sarin Raj

With so many choices for hotels, it can be a daunting process going through blogs, reading reviews, asking family & friends, and yet still be unsure if you picked the right one.

6 Hacks For Choosing The Best Hotel:

Hotels are often an important part of traveling and I admit I do love a pretty hotel although my priority will always be to explore.

“Sometimes you want to prioritize one thing over the other.”

I’m sharing with you my top hacks for choosing the best ones and what you should consider:

  1. Distance from the places you want to explore.
  2. Transportation links and accessibility.
  3. Room type – connecting rooms, balcony, suite etc.
  4. Distance from the airport. When you land in a new country at 1am after a 9-hour journey trust me this will matter.
  5. Restaurants & activities near the hotel.
  6. Services provided by the hotel – spas, swimming pool, concierge, entertainment, etc.

Prioritize One Thing Over The Other:

Understandably so, each trip is different and so is each country. How to pick the best hotel may depend on where you choose to go. Having picturesque views from your room is also a beautiful way to experience a new country. I love a nice sea view room in the Mediterranean and a gorgeous mountain view in the Alps.

While it’s not always easy to tick off ALL the boxes of a great hotel, sometimes you want to prioritize one thing over the other. Which one you choose will depend on YOU! A good understanding of how you like to travel and how you feel about your accommodations will drive your choice.

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Sarin Raj

About the Author:

Sarin Raj, an accountant by profession has turned her ever-growing passion for travel and love for structure & attention to details, into helping busy women professionals by giving back their precious time and taking on the finer details of trip planning.

Sarin founded Traveluxepro in 2018 with a mission to help women professionals ‘just show up and enjoy’ their vacations. As a responsible travel advisor, Sarin makes traveling & learning about the next best destination & experiences a priority. So that she can bring back her experiences and share it with her clients. Follow her on social: Instagram. You can book a complimentary 20-minute discovery call at the link over on Sarin’s website.