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How Easily Do You Share Your Desires?

Beth Keil August 2020

Sex, Aphrodite Awakening, Kuel Category Expert: Beth Keil 

How easy is it for you to tell your lover (past or present) what you need, want, and desire?

Are you able to take their hand or mouth and show them, or do you use words, or let your moans let them know what pleasures you? Maybe you have conversations together, sharing your fantasies and interests, and explore them.   

Claiming Our Aphrodite Is Also About Sharing Our Desires

To share ourselves, we need to be vulnerable.”

To share ourselves, we need to be vulnerable. It means being willing to take a chance another person may not feel the same way, or like what we like. So many of us grew up fearing we’d be judged and created ways, mostly subconsciously, to try and protect ourselves. How we communicate became part of it.

As a hypnotherapist, I assist clients to work through the judgments they felt growing up and repeat in their lives as an adult.  These patterns limit connection and intimacy, exactly what it is they need and want, but have been afraid of as well.

When we say things like, “YOU don’t…” or “YOU need to…” it’s easy for the other person to become defensive. It comes across as judgment, like wagging a finger in their face, and making them wrong. We, too, get triggered the same way. 

How Can We Speak In A Way That Creates Safety; Especially In A Charged Or Intimate Conversation?

This is a really important skill set, and there’s a book I highly recommend, Non-Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg. You can check out their website and programs at https://www.cnvc.org 

What’s lovely about these communication skills is that every relationship you’re in, every situation you find yourself in, will benefit from you having them.

Are You Ready To Be Vulnerable With Your Lover?

A woman I know told me she had never given her whole heart to her ex-husband, and recognized she missed out on a level of intimacy that might have been. The only way she could change this, was to change herself.   

When she met a man whom she wanted to know better, she told him straight up, that she was going to be vulnerable with him, and would tell him how she felt, even if she was scared. She was clear that she was doing this for herself, and that he might benefit from it. Much to her surprise, he wanted to do the same with her.

Being vulnerable helped them surrender themselves to one another”

And share they did.

It was very scary at the beginning, as well as months into the relationship, but in time it got easier for them both. Being vulnerable helped them surrender themselves to one another, to create a depth of intimacy and sexual exploration, neither had previously experienced.

They celebrated their independence and uniqueness, instead of being afraid differences would be the end of the relationship (another message we get). Because of all this, they had the freedom to be who they were, to openly share their desires, and deepen their intimacy and connection.

A Simple Formula:

Imagine what this would be like for you: Vulnerability + Surrender + Celebrating Uniqueness & Independence + Non-judgmental Communication = Intimacy = Aphrodite Alive!

What then becomes possible?

  • Talking dirty to your lover or being noisy when you’re making love
  • Exploring each other sexually, and for hours
  • Deep connection
  • Vulnerability
  • Giving your whole heart
  • Pleasure
  • And Love

Are you ready for your Aphrodite to be and stay awakened and alive?

I hope you say yes!



About The Author:
Beth Keil helps her clients change and transform their lives. She offers a special focus on helping people claim the birthright of their erotic identity and to live in the joy, intimacy, and connection it brings. Beth is a Registered Nurse, MindSet Coach, and a Board Certified Hypnotist. Through her work, she enjoys integrating all her interests, experiences, and skills to bring sensuality, sex, and the erotic into greater awareness and conversation. You can schedule a 30-minute complimentary phone consultation with Beth using the Discovery Session icon.