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How More Women Are Stepping Up To Fund Women Entrepreneurs


“If the activism inspired by the #MeToo movement is any indication, you ain’t seen nothing yet in women funding women entrepreneurs.” Geri Stengel, Forbes

 #KuelWomen are stepping up.”

Women Entrepreneurs:

#KuelWomen are stepping up. There is a rising tide of financing options for women entrepreneurs and it’s coming from other women.  #MeToo movement is playing a big part inspiring women to band together.

There are a number of women-founded/ women-owned organizations on the scene poised to enable more women entrepreneurs. To name a few: Stephanie Newby founded Golden Seeds, Vicki Saunders created SheEO’s Radical Generosity, and Catherine Berman and Yuliya Tarasava started CNote.

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One thought on “How More Women Are Stepping Up To Fund Women Entrepreneurs

  1. KUEL LIFE says:

    Love to see women supporting women and that women businesses are being invested in and supported.

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