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How Rest Can Boost Productivity

Nina Obier April 2022 1

Joy Kuel Thought Leader: Nina Obier

Are you one who believes it’s in the go, go, go, do, do, do that we get our greatest results?

Or, the one who works the hardest or the most hours is the most successful?

“To embrace discernment when it comes to your decision to either crack the whip or respect the rest.”

Respect The Rest:

The most successful people have this one thing in common, they expect to be successful. Thank you, Dana Wilde, for the constant reminder. 

Why am I sharing this with you? As a Joy Expert, I know that joy is an inside job. I know that I can’t think inside of your head. I can’t know your inner most thoughts. 

What I can offer you is the gift to know thyself. To embrace discernment when it comes to your decision to either crack the whip or respect the rest. 

According to Google, respect is a positive feeling or action towards something considered important or held in high esteem or regard. Rest is to cease work or movement, to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength. 

The simple concept to #RespectTheRest is to notice how you feel, where is your energy, and what thoughts are dominating your mind. Discern whether you are in a space to take your next right step or to respect the rest.

“These daily moments keep us fueled up between maintenance visits.”

Do It Daily:

If for any reason it doesn’t feel right, you get to choose to respect the rest. I took a moment and reached out to my network. The following shows how the concept of respecting the rest might look differently to each of us.

For some it will look like Tanna Pearman; “Yes, respect the rest in the big moments when you take a vacation or retreat. However, it is important to respect the rest daily too. Give yourself permission to breather over a cup of tea, go for a stroll, or take a nap. These daily moments keep us fueled up between maintenance visits (aka our vacations)”

Or maybe it’s not a feather moment. Maybe it’s a 2 x 4, hit you in the head, moment.

Take Rebekah Bayron; Resting has always been so difficult for me. For a few years now my body was telling me it needed rest. I felt like an old car that slowly began breaking down. From severe anxiety attacks, joints on fire, hives, headaches, bloating, and so many other problems. You would think I would have listened then. Well, I didn’t! Stubbornly I continued to over work and one day God said “enough”! I had a car accident that forced me to leave the job that was sucking the life out of me. Today, I have to say, I respect the rest. I work at my own pace, rest when I feel mentally, physically, or emotionally exhausted and then I am recharged for more work.”

“the most successful people in the world the one thing they have in common is they expect to be successful.”

A Belief, Mindset, And Knowing:

Back to my original thought, when you line up the most successful people in the world the one thing they have in common is they expect to be successful. It is a belief, a mindset, a knowing.

Why do I reiterate this point? You will not truly respect the rest if you have an ingrained mindset of “I should be doing” I should be working” “What will people think if I am not burning the midnight hour?” 

One of my favorite quotes is from Wayne Dyer “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” First step to respect the rest is to change the way you look at it. The next step is to notice the benefits you receive when you choose to pause, breathe, go for a walk, phone a friend, color, nap, dance it out. 

“Respect the rest is where the greatest growth and clarity comes from.”

Live Priorities:

Take Bethany Clemenson; “Respect the rest for me is a practice of being the KEEN observer of myself on an ongoing basis. Each time I master one area, I up-level and a new area to work on comes into my awareness. Because of this practice of noticing, listening, and allowing I am more at peace and live priorities in new ways.” 

Simply put, to quote Imani HarrisRespect the rest is where the greatest growth and clarity comes from.” 

I recently took a page from this playbook. My commitment to write an article for this publication is in complete alignment with who I am. With the deadline fast approaching I “tried” to “force” myself to sit down and write. I wasted more time in my head, researching topics, trying to complete the task in time. 

Every Precious Moment Matters:

From a feel bad place, I was going to push through and complete the assignment. In a lightbulb moment, I knew I could not do this. It was out of integrity with who I am. Instead, I reached out, asked for grace. Grace was given. Two weeks later, the divine download came. From a feel-good space, with grace & ease, I solicited testimonials and the words flew off the page. 

How will you embrace this concept? In what ways, big and small, can you respect the rest?

Remember, “Every Precious Moment Matters.”

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Nina Obier

About the Author:

Nina is the acclaimed author of “Listen.Learn.Love.Lead” and “My Daily Clarity” In her keynotes, seminars, and workshops she brings her positive energy and a unique ability to make the complex simple. As Founder of Success Simplified, Nina’s mission is to provide action-oriented tools and strategies so that her audiences and clients gain the ability to remove doubt, discouragement, and distraction to replace it with clarity, confidence, and commitment. 

Nina is passionate about personal development and is known for having the wisdom of a 90-year-old with the energy of a 9 year old.