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How Sex Can Keep You Healthy Through Life

Beth Keil November 2020

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Have you seen the ad for how sexual intimacy and expression can help you stay healthy and well, especially during this pandemic? Neither have I. This is why I created this PSA (public service announcement). For you and your health! 

Why There Isn’t An Ad Is An Interesting Question. 

Before the 12th Century, sexuality and sex were seen as ways to connect to the Divine. They were forms of spiritual expression. Then, in Western cultures, it became associated with guilt and shame while making celibacy the path to the Divine. In other words, over time, we lost this innate aspect of our selves.

The 12th Century form of PSAs was The Crusades. In the 13th Century it was the Spanish Inquisition. And then, the 16th and 17th Centuries gave us the Witch Trials in both Europe and America. 

old PSAs became part of the collective subconscious, and therefore, part of our human experience”

No wonder we became scared out of our sexuality!

Over the last 900 years the method of getting the word out changed, but not the message itself. These centuries-old PSAs became part of the collective subconscious, and therefore, part of our human experience.   

We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know We Don’t Know

It’s important to remember that our subconscious mind is out of our conscious awareness.

But here’s the catch – you are still under the influence of these subconscious perceptions, experiences, thoughts, and feelings, and they show up in many aspects of your life!   

The women and men in my practice dealing with intimacy, relationship, and sexual issues have used Hypnotherapy to gain clarity, understanding, and healing. This led them to clear what stood in the way of being self-expressed, vulnerable, or feeling vital and alive! 

Now Your PSA! 

Script Below:

your intimate relationships will benefit from oxytocin, called the hormone of love”

Sexual intimacy and expression, with a partner or with one’s self, has many health benefits that are enhanced with regular opportunities, and are great ways to stay healthy during this pandemic! Note: If you have health issues, speak with your health care practitioner first.

Your immune system is going to thank you for the boost it’s getting from your body’s release of endorphins, cannabinoids, and serotonin. These, in turn, boost your mental/emotional health, warding off depression and anxiety.

Your central nervous system is going to thank you for lowering stress and tension, giving it a needed reset, while enhancing your immune system. Your heart is going to thank you for the cardio workout that can lower your blood pressure. And, your intimate relationships will benefit from oxytocin, called the hormone of love, that is released when a woman orgasms, creating a sense of emotional well-being, connection, and love. 

And let’s remember, your vagina, which will thank you for the lubrication that orgasms, experienced often, can provide. As well as, increasing the tone of your pelvic floor muscles!

About The Author:
Beth Keil helps her clients change and transform their lives. She offers a special focus on helping people claim the birthright of their erotic identity and to live in the joy, intimacy, and connection it brings. Beth is a Registered Nurse, MindSet Coach, and a Board Certified Hypnotist. Through her work, she enjoys integrating all her interests, experiences, and skills to bring sensuality, sex, and the erotic into greater awareness and conversation. You can schedule a 30-minute complimentary phone consultation with Beth using the Discovery Session icon.