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How To Create Enchantment This Year

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Purposeful Living Kuel Category Expert: Julie Reinwald

enchantment: noun

  1. a feeling of great pleasure; delight

  2. the state of being under a spell; magic

“Every once in a blue moon we get lucky and something magical graces our lives unexpectedly.”

The Word “Enchanted” Or “Magical”:

When was the last time you were enchanted? Maybe it was when you were a child at the circus. Or when you honeymooned in Bora Bora, or when you looked at your baby’s face for the very first time. We don’t often use the words “enchanted” or “magical” in our everyday lives, probably because they would be absurd in describing the ordinary activities of working, running errands, doing laundry, going to the dentist.

Every once in a blue moon we get lucky and something magical graces our lives unexpectedly. In those moments, if we are very conscientious, we intentionally savor our experiences and feelings, allowing ourselves to be fully immersed in delight.

We Can Indeed Create Enchantment:

While most of us aren’t living charmed lives filled with endless dreamy adventures and inexhaustible miracles, we can indeed create enchantment.

How much thought have you given to the fact that days composed of mundane minutes and repetitive hours can compound into unremarkable years? Are you waiting until “someday” when you will have more time or money, or when your responsibilities will lessen, to experience enchantment?

“Do something fun that you enjoyed as a child – you’re never, ever too old to play”

A Little Extra Magic:

If you want to infuse your 2022 with a little extra magic, start simply with a few of these ideas:

Really pay attention to your surroundings – you may be missing some amazing street art, window-shop displays, or interesting people when you walk to the coffee shop every morning, your head full of to-do’s and appointments to keep

Be a tourist in your own city or region – try a new experience or visit someplace nearby that you’ve never considered, or didn’t even know existed

Do something fun that you enjoyed as a child – you’re never, ever too old to play

Dream Wholeheartedly:

Give yourself permission, and take one decisive step, toward fulfilling a dream on your bucket list, without self-imposed conditions, restrictions, or excuses. Or totally leap, and go after that dream wholeheartedly

Spend some time in nature, where wonder and awe are always readily abundant. Appreciate the incredible beauty of this amazing planet

This is just a starting point for adding enchantment to your life. The more you look for and intentionally create opportunities to be fascinated and inspired, the greater your ability and desire to expand this approach to life. Remember – you only live once, and once is enough if you’re living every day with enchantment!

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Julie Reinwald

About the Author:

Julie Reinwald is the author of Design a Magical Life, Leave a Meaningful Legacy. Her early career as an interior designer still influences her style and her brand. But a huge pivot took place on her trajectory when a close family member descended into a years-long abyss of mental health issues, alcohol abuse, and attempts to take their own life. For Julie, the subsequent years would be an all-consuming progression from paralyzing fear and guilt, to acceptance, to healing, to letting go, and finally, to joy. She uses her experiences as a way to inspire and empower others in designing lives of courage, vitality, and adventure, and creating meaningful legacies of hope and love. Join her on the journey on Instagram.