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How To Cultivate Gratitude

Nina Obier Images February 2023

Joy Kuel Thought Leader: Nina Obier

Gratitude has the power to shift our perspective. It changes the way we see the world.

And, help us find joy in any situation. Of course, you already know this. Before you read on, I will ask you to leave the “I already know that at the door”. Why? Because I thought I knew the power of gratitude, and honestly, I had been taking it for granted. 

Once I recognized my need to look at it again, I implemented a structure I had done in the past and the results were telling. Not only did I sleep better, I found myself being more aware of all the good happening for me. 

What Is Gratitude?

What is gratitude exactly, and how do we cultivate it in our lives?

“Gratitude is the practice of recognizing and appreciating the good things in our lives.”

Gratitude is the practice of recognizing and appreciating the good things in our lives. It’s about taking the time to notice and be thankful for the little things, from the sunshine on our faces to the kindness of a stranger. When we focus on the things we are grateful for, we are more likely to see the positive in any situation, rather than dwelling on the negative.

One of the most effective ways to cultivate gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal. Are you even surprised that putting pen to paper is a solution? The key is to be specific and take the time to really reflect on and appreciate the things you are grateful for.

I am Grateful For:

The practice that I revived in my life was to put pen to paper right before I went to bed. I take a simple small notebook. I write the date and “I am grateful for”. Then I list five things. Immediately after the list I start a “Thank you for” rant of a few sentences. To complete the practice I end with completing this sentence “Please forgive me”. 

Gratitude is not about pretending that everything is perfect, it’s about acknowledging the good things in our lives, no matter how small, and recognizing that even in difficult times, there is something to be thankful for. When we cultivate gratitude in our lives, we begin to see the world in a different light, and we find joy in the most unexpected places.

Start Small:

Start small, focus on the present moment, and remember that gratitude is not just about being thankful for the big things, but for all the little things that make life worth living. By shifting your perspective and focusing on gratitude, you’ll start to find more joy in every situation, no matter how challenging.

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Nina Obier

About the Author:

Nina is the acclaimed author of “Listen.Learn.Love.Lead” and “My Daily Clarity” In her keynotes, seminars, and workshops she brings her positive energy and a unique ability to make the complex simple. As Founder of Success Simplified, Nina’s mission is to provide action-oriented tools and strategies so that her audiences and clients gain the ability to remove doubt, discouragement, and distraction to replace it with clarity, confidence, and commitment. 

Nina is passionate about personal development and is known for having the wisdom of a 90-year-old with the energy of a 9 year old.