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Part 5: Fashion Top Secrets Revealed For Your Changing Body

How to dress when nothing fits anymore

Fashion Fridays, Kuel Life Thought Leader: Tracy Gold

When you are going through body changes, it may feel like one day you wake up, go to your closet and NOTHING FITS ANYMORE! So now what?

Eye Down The Body:

Before going out and buying a whole new wardrobe, here are some layering tricks that can help you make some of your existing clothes more wearable while you are going through the transition.

“These long layers will draw the eye down the body and away from your width.”

Layer your dresses: You may have a wrap or button down dress that doesn’t quite close or cover. Wear it open with a simple non clingy dress underneath. If it’s a wrap dress you are wearing layering, tie the ties on the inside behind you and wear it as a duster. These long layers will draw the eye down the body and away from your width.

This can also work well for those dresses and skirts that are just that little bit too short. Layering a long dress under a shorter dress in a similar color or fabric can give you coverage and make it look intentional.  

How To Dress When Nothing Fits Anymore:

Layer your tops: Sometimes our girls or tummies feel like they are popping out of our blouses. Instead of fighting to close your blouses, wear it open with a dark color cami or long sleeve top on underneath. This will brake up the width and draw the eye down the body. Anything that draws the eye down the body will make you look taller and slimmer.

Belt it: Often when going through body changes, we want to wear big baggy clothes to cover up. In reality this seldom works. In fact, adding a mid-wide belt to items that need shape, can both give you shape and disguise the tummy by placing the emphasis on your waist. 

I realize that some of these concepts seem a little crazy, so watch this video to see how they work. I promise this is how to dress when nothing fits anymore.

Stay tuned for Fashion Secret Six, coming soon to Kuel Life.

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Tracy Gold

About the Author:

Personal stylist, designer and show host, Tracy Gold has 20 years of experience styling and designing for women of various shapes, sizes and ages. With the massive increase in online and live stream shopping trends, in 2021 Tracy founded Tracy Gold New York offering slimming silhouettes that are easy to fit, easy to style and simple to purchase online with confidence. Tracy recently launched her own livestream shopping show and is building a loyal customer base clamoring for the next release. Having styled hundreds of women, she specializes in styling tips and makeovers that empower women with the skill to be able to re-create their new look every day. Tracy has made it her mission to create the perfect wrap dress in sizes XS-XXL. Click here for more info