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How To Host A Fun St. Patrick’s Day Party

st patrick's day party

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Are you ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your friends and family?

Hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party is a great way to get together and enjoy the festivities. Whether you’re Irish or not, everyone can enjoy the fun and excitement of this holiday. 

The beauty of a St. Patrick’s Day Party is that the holiday essentially plans the event for you. Color scheme? Green. Music? Irish Folk. Food? Go for the obvious corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes (in fun party variations, of course!) Decorations? Add some shamrocks and leprechauns to your green streamers and balloons, and you’re all set. 

And of course, you can’t forget about the beer! Guinness and other Irish beers are a must-have at any St. Patrick’s Day party. 

3 Steps To Planning Your St. Patrick’s Day Party:

Here are some tips to help you plan your St. Patrick’s Day party: 

1. Choose the Date and Time:

The first step in planning your St. Patrick’s Day party is to choose the date and time.  

“Keep it casual and go with email, text, and phone calls.”

St. Patrick’s Day is always celebrated on March 17th, but if this falls on a weekday, you may want to consider hosting your party on the weekend before or after.  

You should also consider the time of day that you want to host your party. Do you want to have a daytime party or an evening party? This will depend on your personal preferences and the preferences of your guests. 

2. Create a Guest List:

Once you have chosen the date and time for your party, it’s time to create your guest list.  

You should consider the size of your home and how many people you can comfortably accommodate. St. Patrick’s Day is one party day where people tend to stand u – so you can go with limited seating, and expect people to walk around and mingle. 

Once you know who you’re inviting, it’s time to let them know. Keep it casual and go with email, text, and phone calls. This is a casual party – no need for mailed invitations here. 

3. Set Your Budget:

Determine how much money you are willing to spend on food, drinks, decorations, and other party supplies. Do you want to do the work all by yourself, make it a potluck where everyone contributes, or something in-between? Anything goes for this event. 

Want to make the party planning even simpler?  Consider hosting a Pop-Up Party for the ultimate in easy hosting. 

Executing The Party Plan:

Here are four tips to help you execute your party plan with ease: 

1. Decorations and Theme:

A St, Patrick’s Day party really is an easy one in terms of décor – just think green. Lots of green! 

“You can also serve green-colored foods such as spinach dip, green cupcakes, and green beer to add some fun to the party.”

To create a festive atmosphere for your St. Patrick’s Day party, you can decorate your home with green and gold decorations. You can use green and gold balloons, streamers, and tablecloths to set the tone for the party.  

You can also add some St. Patrick’s Day themed decorations such as shamrocks, leprechauns, and pots of gold to add some fun to the party. 

2. Food and Drink Selection:

For a St. Patrick’s Day party, you can serve traditional Irish dishes such as corned beef and cabbage, shepherd’s pie, and Irish soda bread. You can also serve green-colored foods such as spinach dip, green cupcakes, and green beer to add some fun to the party. No, these are not traditionally served in Ireland – but this is a party, so have some fun with the menu. 

You can make a full dinner or create appetizer versions of these dishes. Just make sure to have a mix of make-ahead and last-minute prep items, so you’re not trapped in the kitchen once your guests arrive. 

Of course, there are lots and lots of suggestions on Pinterest. (One of my favorites is mini Guiness shots using beer and Baileys – be sure to look that one up!) 

“You can also play some traditional Irish music to create a lively atmosphere.”

3. Entertainment and Activities:

To keep your guests entertained, you can plan some fun activities such as St. Patrick’s Day trivia, a green-themed photo booth, or a game of Irish bingo. Check out printables on ETSY for pre-made, inexpensive options. 

You can also play some traditional Irish music to create a lively atmosphere.  

But remember, a good mix of guests will keep the conversations and laughter flowing. You really don’t need to plan out lots of activities. 

4. Party Favors:

If you choose, party favors are a great way to thank your guests for attending your St. Patrick’s Day party. You can give out green-themed party favors such as green beads, St. Patrick’s Day hats, or shamrock-shaped cookies. You can also create personalized party favors such as custom-made St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts or mugs. 

By following these tips, you can execute your St. Patrick’s Day party plan with ease and create a memorable experience for your guests. But the most important aspect of a St. Patrick’s Day event is to have fun. 

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About the Author:

Lori Roach’s professional career has encompassed convention management, corporate training, education administration, and – most important to her – full-time motherhood.  As she entered her mid-fifties, she found herself moving to a new city – leaving her friends and job behind just as she became an empty nester. Seeking both purpose and a new challenge, Lori started a blog, CircleSquareOval.  Her goal is to help every woman “shape a modern midlife” by focusing on self-discovery, confidence, and connection to the world around them.

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