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How to Keep the Spark Alive Over 50

Avoid becoming part of the “gray divorce rate” and keep your marriage alive and well. If you believe that after a certain age or number of years together, you and your partner are home free and out of danger, think again. The temptation can be strong to glide along in your relationship after reaching middle age and the senior years. After all, you and your spouse have possibly weathered the tumult of raising kids together, building careers and handling all kinds of other challenges along the way. You shouldn’t have to think too much about your marriage now or should you?” – Susie & Otto Collins

The trend of the Grey Divorce has us all nervous. Couples over 50 who believe that they don’t need to work on the relationship and they can coast are heading into potentially tumultuous waters. No one stays the same and believing or expecting your partner to stay the same as the day you married him is foolish. Change is unavoidable and let’s face it; interesting.
Susie and Otto Collins offer a variety of suggestions to stave off that grey divorce and keep the marriage healthy. From continuous learning and curiosity to staying engaged with your partner’s potential changes in desires there are ways to actively nurture your long-term relationship and keep it healthy.
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