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How To ‘Lean-Up’ Quickly For Special Occasion

CoreStrength50Plus Kuel Life

Have a special occasion on the horizon? Want to ‘lean up’ a bit beforehand?

Master trainer, Elaine, from CoreStrength50Plus, talks to all KUEL women about how we might be able to attain that short-term goal. Here she describes a way to split our exercise into two sessions: strength training in the morning to ignite our metabolism and a cardio session in the afternoon to recharge it once our metabolism has begun to wane.

Strength train in the morning – traditional weights or your own body weight will work just fine. Then, in the afternoon, follow up with a brisk power walk, bike ride, or jump rope session. Elaine warns us to keep this regimen to two or three times per week so we don’t burn ourselves out and lose energy.

Listen In To Lean Up Quickly:

Listen for yourselves below and follow Elaine’s Instagram feed for additional fantastic advice on health and exercise. She also talks about intermittent fasting, a great and easy way to manage weight. And. stay tuned here on Kuel Life – Elaine will be joining us as a Kuel Coach!
https://www.instagram.com/p/BpO8s6Uh3t3/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet. You can lean-up quickly, if you need to.


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