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How To Look Fashionably Fabulous Over 50 Wearing Trends

Over 50 Wearing Trends

Fashion Fridays, Kuel Life Thought Leader: Tracy Gold

Should women over 50 wear trends? Absolutely!

You can and should wear trends over 50 if you want to. I’m going to tell you how to choose the trends that are going to suit you, so that you can look current, fashionable and ageless. 

“Fashion is meant to be fun and a form of inspiration, it is not there to dictate what you should or should not wear.”

1. Choose Trends That Suit Your Personal Style:

Dressing for your personal style is the hottest trend. I see this in New York City every day. Instead of being a slave to fashion or rejecting the whole fashion thing entirely because you feel overwhelmed by it, just wear the trends you love and that reflect your personal style. This way, you will love your clothes for years to come. Fashion is meant to be fun and a form of inspiration, it is not there to dictate what you should or should not wear.

2. Choose The Trends That Suit Your Body Shape:

Translate the trends in a way that suits your body shape. For example, jumpsuits are really in this season but they can be pretty tricky for women to wear. If you love the trend and want to wear it, look out for a jumpsuit that is looser and can be belted. You can wear it looser, you can wear it tighter depending on what your body is doing on any given day. By adapting the trend to suit your body shape, you look current without wearing something that doesn’t work for your shape. 

3. Choose The Trends That Suit Your Lifestyle:

Not all trends are going to suit you lifestyle. Choose the ones that do so you don’t end up with clothing in your closet that you never wear. If you live a casual lifestyle, the denim trends may be your go to. If you work in a conservative office environment, the denim trends may need to be reserved for the weekend. Again, you can translate the trends to best suit you. For example, metallics are very hot this season. If you happen to go to a lot of events where you dress up, a metallic dress or top may be perfect for you, but if not, a pair of metallic sneakers can still give you the look in a more dressed down way.

“If you live a casual lifestyle, the denim trends may be your go to.”

4. Stock Up On Items You Love When They Are On Trend:

It will save you a fortune as you have more to choose from at various price points. It will also save you a lot of frustration trying to find a replacement for the thing you love that you can’t find because it’s not in fashion anymore. 

5. Have Fun With Fashion:

That is what it’s for and just because you are over 40, 50, 60 and beyond doesn’t mean you suddenly don’t care to look current or fashionable. Take yourself off the hook, have a little fun, choose the ones that suit you and ditch the ones that don’t. You’re not under any pressure to wear anything you don’t want to wear girlfriend! Life is way too short to wear boring clothes. Let’s do this over 50 wearing trends thing now.

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Tracy Gold

About the Author:

Television personality, fashion designer and stylist Tracy Gold’s newly launched talk show, Tracy Gold Show, is inspiring women over 40 to look and feel fabulous regardless of age. A born entrepreneur, Tracy has enjoyed success as a fashion designer, YouTube influencer and QVC fashion presenter. After launching her own fashion line in 2003 out of the trunk of her car, Tracy now has a worldwide customer base clamoring for her next TGNY fashion release. A powerful social media influencer, Tracy’s YouTube channel Tracy Gold Fashion Tips has more than 20,000 subscribers with over 2 million views.