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4 Ways To Take Time For Yourself

Taking time for yourself is a common struggle for almost all the women I know. As more and more of you Kuel Women are participating in the ‘Share Your Story’ section; I am seeing that as a recurring theme.
Here are some of the ways I carve out time – or at least try to. I’ll start with the one I find most challenging.

  1. Say ‘NO’. If you’re like me, you have a gajillion requests from a gajillion people. Kids, friends, work colleagues, family, partners, and, yes – even pets. How often do you really say ‘No’? Imagine saying it. Practice saying it in the mirror. Get good at it and you’ll see that you might have just a bit more time for yourself. In my life, everyone hears ‘No’ every now and again – except my two kitties. Ugh; they pretty much get whatever they want.
  2. Delegate. I am definitely getting better at this one. Although, if you struggle with the ‘I do it better than anyone else’ disease (which I do), delegation can be elusive. I delegate stuff I truly don’t care about. Taking out the garbage. Stripping the bed sheets. Getting the mail from the mailbox.
  3. Outsource. I know, this one can be challenging financially. Not everyone can afford to pay others to take on tasks. But, if you can; hiring someone to mow your lawn or scrub your toilet, may open up some time for you to pursue your own interests.
  4. Schedule time for yourself. Seriously, put it on the family calendar if you have to. It doesn’t have to be alone time. I have scheduled ‘jump rope’ time with a dear friend every Tuesday morning. I have the luxury to schedule that during the week because I work from home. I get that not all of us have that flexibility. It’s hard to schedule time in any concrete way if you have a full time job, a partner, and kids but it’s something to strive towards.

Let’s say you successfully employ one or more of the afore mentioned ideas, the trick, and I struggle with this as well, is to not fill the time you just carved out with other ‘stuff’ you don’t care about. For me, it’s thinking ahead of time what I want to do for self care. I want to spend ‘me’ time practicing my guitar. I am a beginner and not very good at it but that doesn’t matter to me. What matters to me is that I find personal fulfillment from the challenge and joy in the occasional sound of ‘real’ music I get when I strum the strings. I want to spend time with close friends. Sharing time and space with women I care about and love nurtures and feeds my soul.
If any of you Kuel Women have other suggestions on ways to make time for yourself; I am all ears. I am always on the lookout to learn something new.
UPDATE ON THE GUITAR PLAYING... that my friends has gone by the wayside…. the reality is I am 100% all about Kuel Life and now sharing time with all the amazing women I meet and be-friend is incredibly fulfilling and inspiring.