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How To Tone And Strengthen Your Arms

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Kuel Life coach Elaine, CoreStrength50Plus, demonstrates a fantastic back of the arm toning move using a roller. A lot of us suffer from loss of muscle mass and loosening of the back’s of our arms. We, at Kuel Life, have been showcasing a few fabulous ways to incorporate tricep focused exercises into our daily regiment. Risa Lynch’s four-part ‘Bat Wings Be Gone’ series is also worth a look.
Watch and see how you can improve, not only the look of your arms, but your strength. Nothing is more frustrating than having to rely on others to lift or push something heavy. It is life affirming to stay strong and healthy. Follow Elaine’s Instagram feed for additional fantastic advice on health and exercise. And. stay tuned here on Kuel Life for more great advice and suggestions from Elaine.

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