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How To Tone And Strengthen Your Arms

Kuel Life coach Elaine, CoreStrength50Plus, demonstrates a fantastic back of the arm toning move using a roller. A lot of us suffer from loss of muscle mass and loosening of the back’s of our arms. We, at Kuel Life, have been showcasing a few fabulous ways to incorporate tricep focused exercises into our daily regiment. Risa Lynch’s four-part ‘Bat Wings Be Gone’ series is also worth a look.
Watch and see how you can improve, not only the look of your arms, but your strength. Nothing is more frustrating than having to rely on others to lift or push something heavy. It is life affirming to stay strong and healthy. Follow Elaine’s Instagram feed for additional fantastic advice on health and exercise. And. stay tuned here on Kuel Life for more great advice and suggestions from Elaine.

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Do The Back Of Your Arms (triceps) Need Some Work? . . . If you’re like most women you will be keen to get some definition in the back of your arms! . . . The standard pushup is a great way to achieve this but it can get a bit boring after awhile! . . . Try using your roller.  It looks easy but the angle of your arms makes it that little bit more challenging. . . . Hold the roller lengthwise.  Kneel on the ground, knees hip width apart.  Take a big reach forward until the roller is on the ground forward of your shoulders. . . . Bring your body forward to meet the roller. (So shoulders should pretty much be over the top of the roller and your body is extended from the knee in a nice straight line). . . . Feet off the ground.  No sagging here – think ‘long’ through your body. . . . Breathe in and lower down so that your chest is meeting the roller – elbows extend out to the side.  Back is long, neck is long.  Breathe out and come up with control. . . . Be conscious of drawing up on your belly button as you push back up to the starting position. . . . Repeat 10 – 12 x. . . . Feel free to drop me a line at [email protected] if you have any queries at all about your training. 🌺🌺🌺 . . . . .

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