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How To Use Humor To Navigate The Holidays

Elaine Williams December 2022

Laughter Thought Leader: Elaine Williams

It’s THAT time of year… Whatever you celebrate.

Here’s ONE thing that could help you deal with the possible triggers that might be coming!

“That’s what we all want in life! This is why I LOVE humor.”

Let me explain.

Like so many amazing women, I come from a loving but dysfunctional family who did the best they could…AND boy some crazy stuff went down….

But that’s a whole one woman show for another time.

Using Humor To Help:

Anyway, even though I’ve always known that Hallmark and Norman Rockwell’s paintings were not “real”, there was a part of me growing up and into adulthood that always wanted that unattainable “warm and fuzzy” feeling that I thought everyone else had during the holidays.

Now that I am older and wiser and have had a LOT of therapy and healing, I rarely crave that holiday perfection that is so often portrayed. (You know, those long holiday cards full of bragging that some people send out or those perfect Facebook posts).

In addition to the healing work that I’ve done, using HUMOR to help me navigate situations when the people who made my buttons are pushing them…has been a God send!

That’s Why I LOVE Humor!

Studies show that when people are perceived as humorous they’re thought of as 5% more competent, 11% more confident, and 37% higher in status! More competent, more confident and higher in status!

That’s what we all want in life! This is why I LOVE humor. It’s the best self-defense EVER. So if your inappropriate aunt who always makes a comment about your singleness every single year starts to say something…you can beat her to the punch and have the last laugh. If you make fun of yourself first, you get to steal her thunder.

“You get the idea. A little self-deprecation can help you keep your power!”

Make Comments:

“Hi Aunt Cathy.

Actually this year, I do have a boyfriend who I brought with me. It’s my imaginary friend, Greg.”


“I am seeing someone. He adores me, is always happy to see me and never criticizes me about my weight or how much I make. It’s my dog, Henry.”

Or if you have a parent who still feels the need to comment about your weight or health, even when you’ve asked them not to make comments year after year,

You can lean in for the hug and beat them to it:

“Hi, Dad,

Yes, I’m still just as curvy and luscious as ever, which apparently is all the new rage now!”

You get the idea. A little self-deprecation can help you keep your power! Maybe your family is loving and does not say inappropriate things to you. Congratulations!!! Still, there are usually at least a few awkward comments made or opinions thrown about that can suck the air out of the room. (I’m so tempted to share some of the zingers I’ve witnessed.)

Practice Saying This Phrase:

Here’s what I say to myself:

“This will all be comedy material someday.” 

That phrase has helped me in so many situations. I invite you to try it on. Practice saying it to yourself BEFORE you need it. It really helps take the sting out. Whatever situations you’ll be navigating, I wish you a “Warm and funny” holiday season, even if the warmth comes from too much hot chocolate.

In the words of David Sedaris: “Everything’s funny…eventually.”

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About the Author:

Elaine Williams is an award winning Video & Visibility Coach, Speaker, Best Selling Author and Comedian. Some of her credits: Saturday Night Live, America’s Got Talent, The New York Times, Hay House Radio & the Huffington Post.

Elaine’s clients have gone from never doing video/speaking live to having their own You Tube Channels, doing International Book Tours, and speaking for NASA.