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I’m No Pervert, Just Multitasking

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I’m no pervert – just multitasking.


They say multitasking isn’t a thing. I choose to not believe that. I believe most women, even if never before able to multitask, develop that ability the second they give birth. And let me say this does NOT mean women who choose to not or cannot have children are out of luck. It just so happens that for me personally, my multitasking abilities skyrocketed once I had an infant to care for — alongside everything else I was already doing in my life.

Multitasking Happens:

Or all those client telephone meetings I took while breastfeeding my baby.”

How many times did I change a diaper, whilst on the phone with a client, all the while rubbing a cat belly to keep its owner from pestering the baby? Or all those client telephone meetings I took while breastfeeding my baby. Thank goodness this was pre-Zoom anything. Even to this day it is not uncommon for me to color my hair, have a business call, and fold and put away laundry – kinda all at the same time.

There’s a method to the madness here. There’s a story in all of this. For the last year-plus I have had the privilege of co-hosting a room on the social media app Clubhouse. For those who don’t know Clubhouse, it is a talk-only platform that took the stage by storm back in April, 2020. You can read more about this platform here: I’m 50+ and NOT a Rapper, Should I Care About Clubhouse?.

Cup of Joy:

No Cup of Joy is too big or too small for us.”

The room I participate in is called “Cup of Joy.” It takes place regularly — religiously, one could say — every Tuesday and Thursday at 9am EST. The premise behind the room is simple, yet powerful. Anyone is welcome to gather for an hour and take turns sharing what is bringing us joy. 

The joy moments range in importance from “my oncologist just cleared me of cancer” to “my child just got her driver’s license” to “I am using a new creamer in my coffee and just love it” – and everything in between. Many of us have been sharing this space for over a year and have come to learn much about one another. Of course, if someone is hurting and unable to dig out a joy moment, we make space for it with the hope that by the end of the hour, that person will at least not feel alone in the mess that is life at times.

No Cup of Joy is too big or too small for us. I get nothing professionally out of this — or at least not directly. That’s not my intention. But remember my initial plug for multitasking? During this hour, I also  take care of myself — both emotionally and physically.

Two Things At Once:

of course, I could still weight lift – right?”

I typically weight-lift while co-hosting the hour-long Cup of Joy room. I am fully transparent about it. Actually, I kind of have to be, since at times something comes up that I cannot hold my tongue about, and I need everyone to know why my response might come out haltingly between panting gulps of breath. 

As a co-host, I have the flexibility to participate only if and when I am inspired. The lead host, Kuel Life’s Joy Thought Leader Nina Obier, lacks that privilege—required as lead to respond to each person’s share, which she always does thoughtfully and with grace. Nina has never missed a day, for over a year. Just this last week I awoke to a direct message in Instagram from Nina, letting us know she would be in the car for part of the room and would need to leave a tad early for an appointment. Of course I agreed to step up my responsibilities — and my game — on her behalf that day. 

But of course, I could still weight lift – right? Well I certainly began the room with that mindset. 

Not All Multitasking Is Equal:

We can see where this is going, yes? Within minutes the reality of the situation became pretty clear to me. How would I be able to actively participate with each and everyone of our guests? 

Turns out, having to be “on” for each and every participant requires a level of concentrated focus I hadn’t realized I wasn’t giving before. Needless to say, I spent most of that hour sitting on the edge of the weight bench, dumbbells haphazardly strewn about the floor. The only exertion required from me –  the locating and pushing of my mute function. Nina, you truly are a rockstar.

Given my epic multitasking fail, one might think I have reconsidered my abilities to do more than one thing at a time? Yeah, not so much. If you are at all interested in participating in and with us in Cup of Joy, reach out. We would love to include you and, who knows, you may get a giggle when I rush to the mic to respond to your share and you get your very own personal “breathy Marilyn Monroe/Happy Birthday Mr. President” moment.

P.S. The photo of me and my “Jack’s Smack” autograph were taken in Belfast this past summer at the Peace Wall mural.

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  1. Lauri Stuart says:

    Love this. I can relate and multitasking is my forte!

    I need to listen to Cup of Joy and chime in as well while multitasking myself!

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