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Intuition; Are You Paying Attention?


Guest Writer: Cheri Miranne

Sure. The word intuition has become a buzzword….a great topic for intense discussions among us women. “You’re just not going to believe what happened!”  All of us have been taught that, as females, we have it. Now, men have it too but ours is focused on earlier in our development. At the risk of sounding sexist, I will add the caveat that men have just as much and it usually gets attention later in their lives.

All of which is simply my take on it.

“She needs this for fodder to join the myriad of parts of ourselves…”

But Do We Trust It? Can We Even Hear It?

Herein lie the big questions. We are being directly messaged daily and yet act completely confounded when we get the memo that something actually happened.

We tell each other the stories to get positive reinforcement so we can quell that small voice of doubt. You know her quite well. She say all kinds of things, like “oh this was just a coincidence “ when the odds of it happening are a billion to one. We are making her voice smaller and harder to hear each time. Every time she speaks to us and we hear and acknowledge her, she expands. She needs this for fodder to join the myriad of parts of ourselves…the symphony of all of the voices inside that become our internal dialogue.

It forms beliefs that we have about our experience instead of our beliefs actually helping us to do what we want to do or have what we so desire in that secret place inside that we usually keep private.

Self-Talk Affects Our Emotions:

Yes, I think we have our own secrets.  Some we keep from ourselves. This self-talk really affects our emotions; how we truly feel about who we are. In finding that voice, we can learn to believe what is within us and that belief can create our precious dreams. Beliefs are powerful tools for transformation and creating. The most important beliefs are about the self.

So much has been written about intuition, inner dialogue, self-talk and personally  I believe that peace and intuition are intertwined. When intuition speaks and our truth emerges, we feel peace…a long-lost treasure for many of us. It is certainly not the only way to peace but it can be a shortcut and I love it easier. Don’t you?

Inner Peace With Intuition:

We all want inner peace, at least I know I do. We are women….tending, raising, working, being the Household Engineer, taking care of our children, spouses, partners and friends. Maybe we can make life just a wee bit lighter by trusting our own inner wisdom.

First, we have to find that voice. For me, THAT indescribable feeling is the voice. Sometimes I can’t tell it from fear. I am teaching myself to pay attention to the feeling. Sometimes something happens right away. Sometimes the feelings get so intense and will not release until something occurs. Then relief…ahh.. I know I have some insight for myself. I try to remember to appreciate it, even if it’s something I might rather not know but gets my head out of the sand.

“It takes being awake to know how yours speaks to you.”

Regrets And Intuition:

It takes awareness of yourself to even begin to notice. It takes being awake to know how yours speaks to you. Is it a thought, a feeling, a random sign you just noticed, you read it on FB, Instagram or something else? We are all unique. Maybe it’s all of those things and more. Let us know how you experience it. It could help another woman find hers.

I cannot swear that my intuition is always on target but I can surely trust it more often than not. I have experienced lots of regrets when I haven’t listened and she has spoken. I bet you have too. I can, however, affirm that it is one of the best gifts we possess. Give it a hand up in your life. It might open a door you have never imagined. It’s worth the time to take a minute or two, just that, each day to tune in to you. Your truths may be waiting inside that doorway for you.

Cheri Miranne is an Intuitive Psychic Empath and will be offering readings to our Kuel Community of Women.

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