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It’s Time To Return To Nature For Peace And Deep Rest

Return to nature

Midlife Myths & Realities: Andrea M. Slominski, Ph.D.

In the tapestry of human consciousness, archetypes play a profound role in shaping our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Return To Nature:

Among these archetypal figures, Artemis stands as a beacon of strength, independence, and the call to return to nature for profound peace and rest.

Artemis is a goddess of Greek mythology. And is often depicted as a beautiful and fiercely independent figure. Some even dared to compare her beauty to that of Aphrodite. But unlike Aphrodite, who personifies love and desire, Artemis embodies the spirit of the wilderness and the untamed. She is a symbol of self-reliance and solitude, a protector of the natural world. And a masterful archer who embodies strength and skill.

“In a world that often demands constant connectivity and engagement, the call to solitude may seem counterintuitive.”

Her archetypal energies call upon women to embrace moments of solitude as sacred and essential for inner peace. In a world that often demands constant connectivity and engagement, the call to solitude may seem counterintuitive. However, it is in these moments of stillness and seclusion that we can rediscover our inner selves and find solace in the tranquil embrace of nature.

Beauty Of A Return To Nature:

The call of Artemis is intrinsically linked to the idea of returning to the natural environment to spend uninterrupted time outdoors. It’s a call to shed the layers of complexity and artificiality that modern society often imposes upon us. In the beauty of nature, we can drop our public persona. We can reconnect with the deeper aspects of our being. The parts of ourselves that have been subdued by societal expectations and domestication. 

This is the perfect season to spend time in the cool air, answer the call of the changing season. See the spectacle of the falling leaves, and hear their annual message, “See how easy and natural it is to let go.” The falling leaves, the babbling brooks. And the vast, bright blue autumn skies serve as a backdrop for deep rest and rejuvenation. In the heart of nature, we can experience a profound sense of peace that soothes the soul and replenishes our inner reserves.

Artemis represents our inner resistance to complete domestication. She is one expression of the Wild Woman Archetype. While we must coexist with society, the archetype encourages us to retain our wild, untamed essence. In doing so, we honor the authenticity of our being. And we preserve the connection to our inner selves that is so easily lost amidst the noise of modern life.

“To heed the call of Artemis is to embrace the innate need for solitude and connection with nature.”

Honor Your Inner Artemis:

To heed the call of Artemis is to embrace the innate need for solitude and connection with nature. It’s an invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery, where the layers of societal expectations can be shed to reveal the authentic self beneath. It’s a reminder that, in the quiet of the forest, by the side of a tranquil lake, or under the vast canopy of stars, we can find the peace and deep rest our souls crave.

When you embark on a solitary hike through the woods, find a serene spot to sit and meditate by a river, or simply spend a few moments in your own garden, honor your inner Artemis. In nature’s embrace, you can rediscover your inner strength, recharge your spirit, and find the profound peace and deep rest that is your birthright as a woman connected to the wild and untamed aspects of the psyche.

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Andrea Slominski

About the Author:

Andrea M. Slominski, Ph.D., is an author, speaker, and women’s midlife coach. During her dissertation research and study, she explored the new life stage for women that has emerged over the past 100 years.

Naming this new life stage, from ages 45-70, Regency, Dr. A. has spoken at conferences, published articles, and coached women to make the most of their emerging power years. Dr. A. guides women 45+ through the often-tumultuous transformations during perimenopause, midlife, and menopause. She uses tools that include creativity, story, mythology, imagination, ceremony, and ritual. If you need support for your Regency years, including all the changes of midlife and menopause, I’m here for you. Email me at info@drandreaslominski.com