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Hi. As a money/business and life coach with over 20 years’ experience practicing and teaching meditation combined with my own path around money – I am intimately familiar with the struggles that people face. I help you achieve your money goals by releasing the suffering and tension around your relationship with money. I’m a Certified Money Archetype coach, a Time To Think Facilitator, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, non-profit leader, and spiritual-seeker. My passion is helping individuals, families, and couples wake up to their value and talents so that they can contribute their very best to the world.

I have worked extensively with big blocks such as fear, dissociation, and betrayal that are common in people’s consciousness around money. I’ve lived and worked in Europe, Japan, Brazil, and North America, which has given me a rich cultural and global understanding of money issues. Seeing the pain these cause – and the great difference people can make when free of them – have made me fiercely committed to helping people come to a place of flow and empowerment around money.

what i offer

Money Archetype Consultation

Learning about the 8 Money Archetypes is a dynamic and exciting way to become aware of your underlying patterns and behaviors around money. These Archetypes are present in all of us. You will take a Money Type Quiz and we will take a look at the unique blend of types that are currently active in your […]

Individual Money Coaching

The Initial Eight-Step Core Process Individual money coaching is designed as a positive and productive way to explore, discover and transform your unconscious patterns and behaviors around money that keep you from being successful.   Through the 8-step Core Process we explore together your Money Biography, identify from whom you’ve inherited patterns (both positive and negative) […]

Couples Money Coaching

Money dynamics begin to develop in couples based upon their individual relationships with money. Both people in a relationship have beliefs and patterns that collectively create the issues and relationship that couples have with money. In some cases, money issues create fear, tension, and conflict, especially when a couple has not made clear agreements around […]

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Package Choices

Individual Money Coaching: 8 sessions, 1.5 hours each session

  • Understand your money history
  • Discover your inherited patterns
  • Work with your money archetypes
  • Have a money coaching action plan
  • Support and accountability

Couples Money Coaching: 6, 2 Hour Sessions or 4 , 3 Hour Sessions

  • Either 3 or 4 sessions together, 2 individual sessions
  • Understand the patterns that emerge between couples around money
  • Learn how to communicate in a healthy, constructive way regarding money
  • Help implement new strategies and behaviors


I just finished four money coaching sessions with Karen in which she guided me through assignments and exercises that not only helped me see my dysfunctional beliefs and behavioral patterns around money but also helped me recognize their origins. I loved doing the assignments because they led to many ‘aha’ moments and awareness that I’m finding I can apply to other areas in my life.
Karen’s non-judgemental and insightful comments and her compassionate manner helped me explore my attitudes around money, something that previously I’d been too scared to do.
And after doing this core money coaching work, I find that I’m now keen to tackle my debt and have learnt ways to manage my belief that there’ll ‘never be enough’. Thank you, Karen, for helping me achieve this.


Having attended a very thought-provoking and inspiring seminar by Karen, I felt compelled to work with her in relation to creating a more empowered and mindful relationship with money. During the coaching process, Karen was supportive, encouraging and created a wonderful empathic space to explore and gain new insights about areas I wanted to improve and take action on. I would highly recommend working with her as a transformative experience to support you in achieving your personal and professional goals

Liz Barron

I started Money Coaching October 2016 because I had “given up” on dealing with my finances and I knew I needed some help. I had my bills all on automatic bill pay, I stopped putting money into savings and I “fell asleep at the wheel” when it came to my finances. 

Money coaching has changed my life. The first thing that I did was the money life inventory and it brought awareness to both my strengths and my weakness with financial abundance. It made me more aware of the flow of finances in my life. After the inventory I was inspired to hire Karen to work with me on a monthly basis. The Coaching was more than just financial, I felt like I had fallen asleep with my goals about my life as well. It encouraged me to look at what I wanted out of life and the steps I could make to achieve it.  It has also encouraged me to look at creative ways of improving the flow of financial abundance by being more creative and explore other opportunities. It encouraged me to pursue my life goals, and spend my money in a way that supports my values. 

Lisa Morrison

Before working with Karen, I felt stuck in some old confusing patterns around money, and I could tell it was holding me back. I had a love/ hate relationship with money and some confusion around how much I actually needed and wanted. As an entrepreneur, I knew I needed to clear up my money story and get more clarity in order to really grow my business with ease. During our work together, I was able to identify my unconscious patterns around money, understand where they came from, and start to heal the old stories and let them go. Since working with Karen I feel even more confident in my own ability to support myself fully with the business that I love, and have also cleared up entangled energies around money in some key relationships. I would highly recommend working this process with Karen if you want more clarity and financial freedom in your life!

Kelsey Lowitz

I don’t know what possessed me to take the Complementary Money Type Quiz on Karen’s website, but I did. Interest piqued, I arranged a free short consultation with Karen and though my natural reluctance to delve into money matters tried to hold me back, another voice in my head told me that this was the right person, the right process and the right time to explore what was holding me back when it came to my earning power and the value I put on myself and my work.

Nine months later my relationship with money has changed completely. Thanks to Karen’s calm, insightful and expert money coaching, I now take myself and my earning power very seriously, and am in the exciting process of investing in my coaching and creative practice in a way that honours who I am and how I chose to move in the world. The abundance I’ve always experienced in other areas of my life is now also showing up across my spreadsheets and bank balance.

Anne Tannam

Karen is a real Gem- a practical, engaging and intuitive Money Coach. She helped me discover unhealthy patterns and beliefs I held around money and gave me fun and easy ideas on how to change them. The benefits of the work I did with Karen will be wide spread into many areas of my life. There’s no doubt in my mind that I’ve changed my life for the better through working extensively with her. It felt really healthy to get to know my true relationship with money through my own broader perspective. This was extremely empowering! 

Karen Scott

I’ve read books, taken courses and done tons of personal work to change my relationship with money. Karen McAllister’s coaching is helping me understand the underlying beliefs, emotions and patterns that are driving my money behaviour, and the results that creates. She goes deep – which is the only place where real change can happen. For the first time in my adult life, I am making positive long-lasting changes and already I can see a positive difference in my financial situation. I highly recommend her money coaching.

Bonnie Hutchinson

Karen was my personal money coach and it was a life-altering experience. In a very skillful way Karen opened my eyes to my relationship patterns with and beliefs about money, surfacing some that were detrimental and helping me to understand how to change them. She’s completely nonjudgmental and keenly focused on her client’s well being. I’m grateful to Karen for working with me to set me on the road for greater financial abundance.

Lynn Hauka

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