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Kuel Women Empower One Another

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Tania Stephens is a Fashion/Lifestyle blogger and we here at Kuel Life love her attitude and posts. Originally from Tennessee, she calls herself an official Virginian as she has lived in Southwest Virginia since 1992. Tania is the embodiment of how we can continue to be sassy and fashionable – at any age.
Tania showcases her “classic meets trendy” style on her Instagram and blog site. Check her out and if you want your own Empowered Women Empower Women shirt – you can get one!!!
Thanks Tania for sharing this fantastic message today!

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2 thoughts on “Kuel Women Empower One Another

  1. KUEL LIFE says:

    Absolutely! We are so excited to build a Kuel Community where we can learn from one another, share in each other’s victories, support one another, and have FUN doing it!!!

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