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Life Hacks To Help You Find Balance

Dawn McGee June 2023 1

Food For Your Soul: Dawn McGee

Balance is something that I talk about all.the.time.

Whether it’s a balanced meal or a balanced workout plan, balance is a crucial aspect of a happy and fulfilling life. When we’re talking about our daily routine (at home or away), finding a healthy balance is key to mental and physical wellness.

Maintaining balance in life means striking a healthy equilibrium between different aspects of our lives. You will have to define life balance in a way that works for you. For me, a well-balanced life is one where I can pursue my goals, feel fulfilled and have time for rest, relaxation, friends, family, great food & wine, and travel (not necessarily in that order).

“Unfortunately, the way we live life today can make it difficult to find balance.”

Maintaining Balance In Life:

Unfortunately, the way we live life today can make it difficult to find balance. We’re often pulled in multiple directions, with competing demands on our time and attention. This can lead to stress, burnout, and a sense of overwhelm. The polar opposite of mental wellness. That’s why it’s crucial to take the time to intentionally make balance a priority in our lives.

Here are three ways I maintain my mental wellness. Now, don’t get me wrong, I wander off track sometimes, we’re all human. But with these philosophies, I always have a way to get back to center:

1. Balance Effort And Attention With Routine And Autopilot:

Having great systems and routines mean that I don’t have to put so much focus on *everything* I do. For example, I take my clothes out at night for the next day; that way, I don’t have to spend my morning energy on picking out clothes, I can focus on the next thing that really does need my focus. This is key to finding the sweet spot, this is where the magic happens.

2. “Failing forward”:

Every setback presents an opportunity to learn and grow, as long as you take that opportunity. I bet that if you think back to the life lessons that mean the most to you, many of them came out of failures. Lean into that.

3. Embrace Failure, Don’t Fear It:

It’s a natural and inevitable part of life. If we focus too much on perfectionism, we run the risk of being stuck in “analysis paralysis”. Sometimes you need to think things through, and sometimes you need to take a deep breath and jump in the deep end, knowing that you know how to swim. The magic of discernment is knowing which to do at any moment in time. Keep practicing, you’ll get it!

Beyond Life Balance – Body Movement:

Beyond our life balance, it’s important to remember that our mental and physical wellness are interconnected and both play a crucial role in our overall well-being.

When we move our bodies through exercise, it can give us a natural high and help us feel good both physically and mentally. That’s because physical activity releases endorphins, which are the body’s feel-good chemicals. Whether it’s dancing, running, or playing sports, getting active can help us reduce stress and boost our mood. 

“Think outside the box – a workout does *not* have to happen in a gym!”

Feeling good about our strength and overall physical health can also help us feel more confident and positive about ourselves, which, in turn, improves our mental health too. 

5 Tips To Get Moving And Find Balance:

Here are my favorite tips for getting those sneakers laced up and getting moving for a happier, healthier you!

1. Schedule your workout:

Literally put it on your calendar, just like any other important appointment. Make a weekly schedule and plan your workout routine in advance. This way, you can ensure that you have the time to exercise, and you can also plan other activities around your workout. Yes, give it that high of a priority! It’s a key to help find balance in our world today.

2. Choose an activity you enjoy:

It’s easier to stick to a workout routine if you enjoy the activity. Think outside the box – a workout does *not* have to happen in a gym! Choose an exercise that you find fun and challenging. It could be running, cycling, hiking, frisbee, dancing, or any other activity that you like.

3. Use your lunch break:

If you have a busy schedule before and after work, consider using your lunch break to squeeze in a quick workout. You could go for a walk, do some stretching and resistance band exercises, or even hit the gym or a studio class if there’s something nearby.

4. Incorporate more movement into your daily routine:

Look for opportunities to be more active throughout the day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk or bike to work if possible, and take short breaks to move around during the day. (Yes, I know you’ve heard these before – that’s because they really do make a difference!) 

Achieving balance doesn’t need to be a chore”

5. Invest in a program that suits your lifestyle:

Achieving balance doesn’t need to be a chore, it can be a fun and rewarding journey. And, you don’t have to go it alone. Don’t forget that small changes add up to big results over time. By incorporating things like exercise, relaxation techniques, and other forms of self-care into our routines, we can find balance that promotes overall well-being. 

After all, we deserve to live our best lives, filled with health, happiness, and balance. For additional support and resources, check out Dawn’s bio below.

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Dawn McGee

About The Author:

Dawn McGee is a Nutrition Evangelist and Lazy Cook. She is super passionate about putting the fun back into being healthy and does that by teaching women how to eat to serve their body, brain, and soul so that they can get off the sidelines and back to doing all of the things that bring them joy. She works with women who are ready to make their health a priority and just need someone to help them get started and guide them through the process.

Dawn has been coaching clients in person, online, in groups, and in a 1:1 capacity for more than a dozen years. Prior to becoming a nutrition and fitness coach, she spent over 25 years in the high-tech industry, so she truly understands the life of busy professional women. 

Join her free group www.facebook.com/groups/NeverDiet and follow her on IG @dmnutrition and on FB @dmnutritioncoach to hear about all the other fun stuff she has (and get a ton of free + valuable info) If you’re ready to cut through the noise, grab her free guide to 7 Nutrition Lies here --> Free Guide: 7 Nutrition Lies We’ve All Been Fed. Join our 28-Day Jumpstart – not another diet or eating program, but the starting point to truly shift your mind and body.

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