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Love Your Men Into Happiness And Better Health!

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MEN! You gotta love ‘em!!!

Why? They are our Husband’s, Boyfriend’s, Fathers, Sons, Brothers, Uncles, Cousins, Friends! You get the drift!

It is our job, as the women who love and care about them, to contribute any information we can regarding ways to help our men look great, feel special, cared for and relevant! Why should we have all the fun and exploration?

“His posture and smile changed!”

His Posture Changed:

Time to share the wealth!!! I had so much pleasure  after meeting my now husband, cleaning out his clothes closet and going shopping for updated styles and colors that would enhance his gorgeous blue green eyes, salt and pepper hair, and skin tone.

It is absolutely amazing what changing it up can do for one’s confidence level! We cleaned out his closet, bought him new complimentary colors and styles for his wardrobe, hipped him up a bit with new Raybans (in a great shape for his face). Afterwards, he was feeling on top of the world!

His posture changed. His smile changed! And his friends and family noticed! Wow-what did you do different, they asked? You look younger! Well yes, absolutely getting him off of bar soap and water and onto to a phenomenal skincare program didn’t hurt either!!! A favorite topic for me as an Esthetician, is men’s and women’s skin. But let’s gear this talk toward our guys!

Is There Such A Thing As Men’s Skin Care?

Two answers! No, when it comes to the actual skincare itself. Most all ingredients are relatable to men and women. Yes, if it is in regards to shaving products and shaving gear. That is a whole different animal! The truth is, men’s skin is thicker, facial muscles are thicker, and a higher testosterone level increases oil production. So their skin does require a deeper clean.

“If it is easy to incorporate into their morning and evening routines, they WILL do it!”

There are phenomenal products out there made to cleanse and exfoliate, nourish, hydrate, protect and replenish to keep their skin looking healthy, younger, brighter and to prepare the skin for easier smoother shaving and to avoid cuts and ingrown hairs.

Just For Men’s Line:

In essence “Men’s Skin Care” or a “just for men’s line”, is all great marketing, but it means absolutely nothing to the skin!

Okay now that this sounds interesting, should we go bonkers and ply them with all the steps that we use? I think not! Men, traditionally love simplicity! If it is easy to incorporate into their morning and evening routines, they WILL do it!

Let’s Consider This!

Your men may not tell you, but some of them really do feel shaky about work. Their jobs may be hanging by a thread in today’s world, because there are so many others that need work, vying for those jobs.

These men could be younger and even if your men have seniority, they may actually need to compete for the same job that they’ve had for years! Another scenario is they want or need a new job and have to go up against the guy who just graduated. Our men are on online meetings, examining themselves in that “little square box”.

They see themselves looking older, more tired, having yellowish or grayish skin, oxidized hair (dull from all of the outside elements and wear and tear). They need your help, now!

“Our external stressors play a part as well.”

Younger From The Inside Out? Can It Be Done?

Oh yeah, baby!!! What we all see on the outside is an absolute reflection of our insides! Internal stressors such as emotional, physical, travel stress, lack of exercise, poor diet, poor sleep pattern, medical conditions, medication, smoking or being around a smoker, drinking to excess can add up.

Then there is hormonal change; the loss of testosterone, progesterone, human growth hormone, estrogen (yes men have that too) which actually begins in our mid 20’s.

As the years go by, we all slowly see the changes; skin tone not as bright and vibrant, appearance of lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity. Our external stressors play a part as well.

Sunlight, pollution and blue light (cell phone camera’s, computers, televisions) can hurt. They all create oxidative damage! So, what do we do to help our men (and ourselves by the way)?  Supplement, supplement and if I didn’t emphasize it enough, supplement! Emotions are definitely not healthy to internalize, but supplements are!

“This is the way to turn back their clock and to youthify their overall body..”

Easy External Program:

To optimize your men’s overall well-being, find a skincare line for them that not only has a highly effective and easy external program but a powerful internal one as well!

This is the way to turn back their clock and to youthify their overall body, which will not only benefit skin, but also hair, nails, energy, stamina, even libido!

Start with a great men’s fitness daily supplement, one for immune defense (we all need that) and then based on the body’s conditions, you can add one to actually promote the production of their HGH (Human Growth Hormone). Most everyone should be doing that. It benefits memory, focus, bone health, heart health, vision health, and metabolism.

Now that you have the complete program down, happy happy your men will be and we all want that for the people we love!

Holiday Suggestion! Well, That’s Not Exactly True. SUPER BIG, BIG HINT!!!

Valentine’s Day comes but once a year, but you’ve got a great big heart, so Valentine’s Day is really every day for the ones you love!

Your guy doesn’t need another pair of pj’s with hearts on them, a tool box, or some chocolates (although wait, I definitely vote for the chocolates 😊)!

This time surprise him and love him up with some great personalized skincare. And please please make sure that you (if you know his skin well) or he speaks to the skin care expert first, for an in-depth personal consultation. This will ensure the skin care program is truly geared toward him and his needs!

It may not be something your man thinks of doing for himself (even though he really should), but now it is your blessing and honor with this new knowledge, to help them along!


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Sheryl Wilson

About the Author:

Sheryl is the National Beauty Expert, Director of Education and Spokesperson for Clientele Skin Care and MDR Health Supplements. She has enjoyed a 41-year relationship with Clientele and is so proud to share the science behind youthifying the skin from the inside out, at any age!

Clientele Skin Care and MDR Health (its sister company) is Woman Founded by Patricia Riley Creator and CEO. Dr. Riley is a Biochemist with her background In Nutrition. Sheryl is also a newlywed of almost three years to a “gift from God” Husband, has 3 fabulous felines and is also a Praise and Worship Leader, Concert Performer and Recording Artist! A professional in-depth skin care and supplement consultation with an expert is KEY to target the best possible program, personalized just for you. Let’s talk! Sheryl Wilson. 800 327-4660, EXT 5709 or [email protected].