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Menopause Anxieties, CBD And YOU!


CBD Kuel Category Expert: Susan Crews

Hey Sis, are you experiencing some of the menopausal or post-menopausal symptoms that Cannabidiol (CBD) could possibly relieve?

OMG … I thought hot flashes were a made-up thing UNTIL I experienced one! So, let’s explore how CBD can offer you some RELIEF during this exciting and challenging stage in your life called menopause.

What Do We Know?

Menopause impacts most women in midlife, is very complex, and causes a hormonal imbalance. It triggers inflammation which disrupts the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). During menopause, estrogen is on a pendulum swinging from low to high before taking the final plunge. When estrogen levels are violently swinging all of a woman’s supporting hormones; progesterone, cortisol, testosterone, get out of whack. And our bodies begin rebelling by ramping up production of inflammatory molecules which causes crazy things to happen.

“The good news is there are Cannabinoid Receptors throughout the body”

So How Does CBD Help Alleviate Or Diminish The Symptoms Of Menopause?

These symptoms are caused by increased inflammation in the body and the ECS being unstable which has the body imbalanced. The good news is there are Cannabinoid Receptors throughout the body, including in the female reproductive system. And these receptors react to CBD to reduce inflammation. When you use CBD consistently it can reduce inflammation and work to bring the ECS back in balance which returns the body to a balanced state and brings RELIEF.  Once inflammation is reduced the symptoms could diminish or disappear.

At the present time there is little scientific research on menopause specifically and CBD. However, there are studies regarding CBD and some of the symptoms of menopause. Symptoms such as mood swings, sleep disturbances, and pain can be alleviated. It makes total sense as to why so many midlife women are choosing to use CBD for menopause, with or without their doctor’s consent.

What Are The Top Reasons Midlife, Menopausal Women Use CBD?

“CBD can reduce inflammation and support the body in returning to a balanced state.”

The most common reasons menopausal women choose to use CBD are: aches and pains, mood swings or depression, hot flashes, and SLEEP disturbances. CBD can reduce inflammation and support the body in returning to a balanced state. Once balanced good things happen – inflammation is down so pain is reduced, serotonin (the happy hormone) is happy so moods are good, and all systems are working at optimal levels which leads to a healthier happier midlife menopausal woman!

How Do I Decide If CBD Is For My Menopausal Or Post-Menopausal Self?

Whenever you are adding a new supplement to your daily regimen you will want to consult with your doctor and/or pharmacist. Once you have had this discussion, click here to get started with Huntsboro Hemp CBD products.  Next, start by taking a low dose and increase slowly and remember to take your CBD CONSISTENTLY!  Yes, consistency is key!

Lastly, you will need to pay attention to how you feel when taking your CBD product. This mindfulness will be your guide to increasing/decreasing your daily dose. And to get the desired results from your product.

***Please note this post is in no way intended to diagnose or treat any symptoms. As mentioned earlier, always consult with your doctor and/or pharmacist prior to adding a supplement to your daily regimen.

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About the Author:

Susan Crews is the President/CEO of Huntsboro Hemp Company – a company dedicated to producing high-quality CBD products from locally grown industrial hemp to help improve the wellbeing of customers globally.

She is a trusted entrepreneur and sought-after speaker whose mission is to educate people about the industrial hemp plant and the benefits of quality CBD products as well as the importance of taking care of yourself in midlife. Susan is passionate about health and wellness and empowering midlife women to embrace healthy lifestyles to live your best life.

Do you have more questions, please reach out to me, susancrews@huntsborohempco.com or on IG: @huntsborohemp