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My 12 Favorite Beauty Products And Fashion Finds

Gail Scott August 2022 1

Beauty & Fashion Kuel Thought Leader: Gail Scott

I’ll admit it, I am a PRODUCT JUNKIE.

Some Of My Favorite Beauty Products And Fashion Finds:

I am convinced that the next things that I try will change everything. HAHA, right? But in reality, technology moves quickly these days, and new products often do bring solutions to our issues. So today I am going to share some of my favorites, which include new products and some trusted older ones.

“This also allows them to grip fine or very short hairs.”

1. Kenra Hairspray 25:

There is a reason that this spray has rave reviews. It is hands down the best hair spray that I have ever used. And many others agree with me. It provides great hold without being stiff and keeps my curly hair from falling prey to humidity. But it can be brushed through and doesn’t leave an icky residue or any flakes. You can also pick up Kenra from your stylist, online, or at ULTA. I am sure it will make the list of your favorite beauty products as well.

2. Tweezerman Tweezers:

Talk about a game changer! In midlife, we are all chasing rogue chin hairs and these tweezers make it easier to remove those suckers. They are precision tweezers, with a rough texture, so they grab and hang on to even the most stubborn whiskers as you pull. This also allows them to grip fine or very short hairs. I prefer the slant tip and get them in a bright color so that I can find them. You can find them at your local pharmacy or online.

3. Heel Socks:

This is a new find! These little half socks only cover the heel area of your foot. These allow you to keep a balm on your feet while you sleep, without getting hot feet! My feet are much softer and I don’t feel any urge to kick them off during the night. Order here from Amazon.

4. Felt Hangers:

Hangers don’t get a lot of press, so you may not realize what a difference they can make. When I switched over, I immediately had more closet space, and my clothes were no longer falling off the hangers into the floor. Their shape also prevents the shoulders of knits from having odd stretch marks on them. Just this small change can make a big difference in how you feel about your closet. Find these online or at most any home store or Target.

5. Form Fitting Undergarment:

I purchased a nude tank style undergarment for my top half that changed my feeling about some of my blouses. It addresses the issue of sheer fabric, but also smoothes out lumps and bumps and keeps the girls from jiggling. I purchased mine at www.soma.com

6. SOMA Panties:

I am a huge fan of their panties. They don’t ride up, period. They have several styles, but both the Vanishing Edge and the Embraceable briefs have been winners for me. The Embraceable is comfortable and great for those who want a great simple panty. The Vanishing Edge has a rubberized leg opening to keep them in place. Try them when they have their sale, usually seven pairs for $35! You can split the seven with a friend if you don’t want to commit to that many. Get them at your local SOMA or www.soma.com.

7. Mary Kay Age-Fighting Lip Primer:

I am lost if I run out of this product! I keep several on hand. Your lip liner and color will go on more smoothly, and it won’t run into those fine lines. I even use it underneath gloss. It makes everything look smoother and fights signs of aging on the lips at the same time. I also happen to be a Mary Kay representative. So, you can shop right here: www.marykay.com/gailscott

8. Teals Shower Gel And Body Soak:

Talk about a steal! This gel makes lovely bubbles and cleans the skin without irritation or drying me out. At around $5, it’s a beauty best buy! They also make epsom salt soaks with essential oils added in, so luscious. Find it online, at Target, Big Lot’s, or your local grocery store.

9. Neet Sheets:

Don’t laugh! Being a large busted gal, I am forever dropping food on the boobs. I have stained so many nice tops with food! I found these disposable adult bibs and they have saved my wardrobe. And I use them when eating a messy meal in a restaurant, or when I need to eat in my car on the go. You may wonder why I lump them in with my favorite beauty products – they help me stay beautiful. I just wish I had found these sooner.  I got them here from Amazon, 

“Beeswax and other all-natural ingredients make for a formula that is so soothing.”

10. Mary Kay Naturally Moisture Stick:

This is another product that I own multiples of. I use it day and night for my lips and then have another that I use for the heels of my feet. Beeswax and other all-natural ingredients make for a formula that is so soothing. I even use it around my eyes sometimes. It’s great from head to toe and for kiddos too! Get yours at www.marykay.com/gailscott

11. Tropez Express Sunless Tanner:

The absolute BEST self-tanner I have ever used. It’s tinted so you can see where you are putting it and get an instant hit of color. Once it turns, it isn’t orange and it slowly fades rather than chunking off. Make sure to get the mitt for application. I found mine at ULTA. It is definitely one of my favorite beauty products.

12. Dashing Diva Nail Strips:

I’ve talked about these before. I love them! They have saved me a lot of time and money. If doing your own mani/pedi is your thing, give them a try. Shop here.

I hope you’ll give some of these products a try. They might just change your life!

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Gail Scott

About the Author:

Gail Scott is a 27 year veteran in the skin care and beauty industry, and loves helping women look their best. She specializes in really listening to her clients and teaching them how to get the look that they want, without wasting time, money, or products. Her interest in helping and mentoring women has lead her to a new adventure, MIDLIFE MOXIE, which is a community, lifestyle brand, and podcast all about women making this one of the best seasons of their lives.

She can be contacted at [email protected], and found on IG @gailsscott. The MIDLIFE MOXIE podcast is available on all of the major podcast platforms or at https://midlifemoxie.libsyn.com.