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When Hard Work Meets Opportunity

Gail Gensler December 2021

Pro-Aging Fitness Kuel Category Expert: Gail Gensler

What a whirlwind year it’s been for people.

After the difficult and unprecedented year that was 2020, many have used 2021 as a way to get back on track. Perhaps a way to build upon something whose seeds were planted last year while everyone was home. This is the kind of thing I’ve done in 2021, and once it’s over, it’ll be what I look back on with pride.

“I got to work. For me-it was the perfect time to start!”

2020: Setting The Groundwork:

As a pro-aging fitness enthusiast and lifestyle influencer, I often showcase certain brands I like using in my daily life. What I wear, eat, drink, etc. Wherever I go, I like to take my favorite products with me.

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the kinds of struggles companies went through last year; needless to say, many of the ones I showcase were not doing business as usual in 2020.

Because of this, there was little to no opportunity to partner with any of them in an official capacity, as many influencers do.

This might seem demoralizing for someone that was completely new to this space. I didn’t get down, however. I got to work. For me-it was the perfect time to start!

Hard Work Meets Opportunity:

2020 was when I prepared myself for when these businesses re-opened. NFL and College Football Hall of Famer Jimmy Johnson once said, “Success happens when hard work meets opportunity.” I worked my butt off to build up my brand and took chances. I made mistakes. And, I spent hard-earned money I took from savings. I learned a great deal from these experiences.

I used inherent competencies to get better every day, which led to me discovering new talents I didn’t know I had (like writing). Most importantly, I took advantage of the skills I have (like public speaking) and little by little, my following grew. And I found an audience who I am able to inspire, motivate, and engage with in a very organic way.

2020 was a pivotal time in my evolution as a brand ambassador, blogger, event producer, and lifestyle influencer. Most importantly, it set me up to take full advantage of 2021.

“It’s very easy to eventually come up short once things start going your way, as more success invariably leads to more hard work.”

2021: Bearing Fruit:

2021 has been the culmination of a lot of patience and hard work. All the time I spent in 2020 laying the groundwork for when opportunity struck paid off, for I was ready.

Many of the aforementioned brands I like to take with me will now come along as partners. Why? Because I was willing to prepare for this moment and wasn’t afraid to believe in myself when it came.

Opportunity And Success:

That’s what I’m most proud of in 2021. The fact that I was able to capitalize on the work I did in 2020. It’s very easy to eventually come up short once things start going your way, as more success invariably leads to more hard work. You have to be ready to keep the pace up if you want to stay successful; this is a challenge I have taken on with a full head of steam.

My ultimate goal is to change the narrative on aging, specifically in midlife. I’m not sure what kind of roads I’ll travel upon on my way to this destination, but I do know one thing.

I’ll give it everything I have. Every step of the way.

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Gail Gensler Fitness

About the Author:

Gail Gensler is proudly 60 years young.
Her goal is to change the narrative about aging, both to a younger demographic so that they realize that there is nothing to fear about aging, but primarily to her peers, to inspire them to never take their wellness for granted and always strive to outperform your years. Gail is who she is because of fitness with her favorite workout being boxing.
She doesn’t believe in age, she believes in energy, and finding energy in activities that make her feel alive. Gail embraces a completely healthy lifestyle encompassing fitness, nutrition and supplements, sleep and a positive mindset. Want to work with Gail? Find her here! Gail lives the statement that age is truly just a number. Follow Gail on Instagram.