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My Personal Board Of Directors

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The Michelle Obama podcast is my latest indulgence. In my opinion, they aren’t pushing them out fast enough.

But, maybe that’s a good thing. It takes me back to my childhood when we would watch our weekly favorite t.v. show. Stress on the word weekly. The only thing I binged on back then were Chips Ahoy cookies. (its own story for another Smack)

I save her 40-some minutes of auditory delight for my walk days. Walking, for me, can be kinda dull in the exercise department. But, with Michele in my ears, I barely notice the time or the distance.

I am certain Michelle and I would be ‘besties’ – if she only knew I existed.”

Earlier this week, I listened to Episode Five: ‘The Gift of Girlfriends’. Michelle and three of her closest friends shared what it was like for them and between them. And, outside the distinctly present difference of their being black women and my white privilege, everything else was on point.

I am not usually a fan girl; but, I am certain Michelle and I would be ‘besties’ – if she only knew I existed.

Struck A Chord:

Yesterday’s episode resonated deeply with me. I started contemplating my own circle of confidantes – who they are; when I met them; the nature of our relationship. The examination was an exercise in profound gratitude. I do not lack rich and meaningful connections.

It began as early as childhood. There’s my ‘we met in kindergarten’ friend (and, in full disclosure did not really become friends until senior year – she was a total nerd). Of course, I’ve added people along the way. From my days at University of Florida, then graduate school at University of Chicago, to my less than spectacular career stint at Hewlett Packard, through my training in martial arts and beyond; I’ve had the good fortune to encounter some amazing humans. 

I’m not sure why, but I thought the notion of making friends was impossible after a ‘certain’ age. And, until a couple of years ago, my ‘newest’ friend has been in my life for over ten years. It drives her crazy when I refer to her as such. Now, with Kuel Life, I’ve collected yet another posse of bright, beautiful, powerful, empowering sisters. Laura no longer has to hear me label her as ‘NEW’. My suspicion is that she’s relieved.

The Board of Directors:

I consider my posse my personal board of directors.”

I consider my posse my personal board of directors. Some members are my cheerleaders, the ones I go to when I need to be told ‘yes’. A few are my mirrors, reflecting back, not always showing me what I ‘want’ but definitely what I ‘need’. Then there’s the woman whose perspective and viewfinder is completely different than mine. I go to her when I am confused and upset about a reaction someone has had in my life. Her analysis of a situation is foreign and always opens my world to alternatives. Even though it kills me that MY PERSPECTIVE isn’t the uber TRUTH in the world. WTF is that about?

My collection of interesting, thoughtful, and caring individuals is diverse. And, not all females. I have three men in the mix as well. Each, fiercely loyal and at the ready to provide whatever I need – guidance, a sounding board, admiration, and a man’s perspective. (That last one might be the most vital of all.)

Here’s the really interesting part. One would think I’d ‘love’ my cheerleaders more than my mirrors or my ‘WTF were you thinking?’ friends. Sure would be easier if my whole life was ‘Yea, Jack’. But, it’s the combination of members; the diversity and their commitment to give of themselves that guides and compels me to be the best me.

While we are living in strange times, with a higher degree of isolation than ever before; Michele’s podcast on ‘relationships’ is the perfect antidote. If you haven’t examined your own personal board of directors in a while, I highly recommend it. The audit is sure to send serotonin to your brain and a smile to your lips.  

4 thoughts on “My Personal Board Of Directors

  1. Beth says:

    Having people in our lives whom we trust, who we can hear when they are straight in their speaking, is invaluable!

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