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New Year’s Resolution: STYLE Reinvention

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Signature Styling Thought Leader: Debra Schwartz

Happy New Year! It’s that time of year when we assess aspects of our lives and determine to make changes for the better.

And make those New Year’s resolutions.

“they can be the incentive to jump-start positive changes.”

Over 35% of Americans make a New Year’s resolution. These can be gremlins that eat at our conscience and cause us guilt. Or, they can be the incentive to jump-start positive changes. So, did you make any resolutions?

Here’s the low-down on those annual commitments, along with some rapid resolutions for a super-styled 2023. You’re going to want to keep these, and you can, without stress. 

New Year’s Resolution Statistics Are Discouraging:

Nearly half of all people give up on resolutions by the end of the first week! A total of 43% think they’ll fail before February. Only nine percent of those who make New Year’s resolutions actually stick with them until the following year.

Despite that, we still love to make them. Because it’s the perfect time for beginnings, and beginnings give us hope. Whether it’s a new year, or just a Monday (I say no more sugar most Mondays, but by Wednesday, well…) it’s a starting line that energizes us to make changes. From the times of ancient Babylonia, (when people re-committed to the king with a pledge, paid their debts, and prayed for good crops that year) continuing to today, resolutions are made all over the world. 

They incentivize us to make alterations in our lives and in our habits in the hopes that we will feel better, look better, become a better version of ourselves than we were (just yesterday?). Resolutions come in many flavors. How about looking at a style reinvention?

How To Succeed With Your Resolutions:

The beginning of a new year is the clean slate we crave to initiate changes. We tend to think BIG. Broad stroke statements of colossal pledges. And then may feel BAD when a few weeks roll by and our commitment to work out four times a week dwindles to three, then two.

“The beginning of a new year is the clean slate we crave to initiate changes.”

And the carbs we swore to cut out have crept back into our pantries and onto our plates. Diet and exercise happen to be two of the all-time top resolutions, as we take the new year as our cue to strive for self-improvement. 

Most people fail to follow through on their resolutions because they either lose interest, fail to set priorities, or replace them with something else. The timing of New Year’s resolutions is a major factor in their failure. People have a desire to make a difference, but they aren’t quite ready to fully commit to it. The secret to becoming part of the 9% that succeed? Only set New Year’s resolutions that are highly relevant, timely, and specific to you.

Upping Your Style:

A good time to get started is whenever you’re prepared to make a serious commitment to your goals, according to the available research. So, ask yourself, are you serious about upping your style? And showing up for the year ahead looking great and feeling even better? Yes? Then I’ve got one you’ll keep and won’t take weeks to make a lasting habit.

It’s the Resolution of Style: to refresh your wardrobe and reinvent your look (along with some sincerely positive self-talk, because it’s good for you!)

Here’s How To Approach Your Style Reinvention And Look:

Start with a Purge: Out with the old if they no longer fit you or your life* then do a Tailoring Tweak: Elevate your pieces to perfection with proper fit.

Join me in my Resolution of Style below, I resolve to:

new year's resolution style reinvention

  • Release any negative feelings about clothing—my clothing is my armor that tells the world who I am. Are my clothes conveying the real me?
  • Renew my relationship with some forgotten pieces that hang neglected in my closet. I know there’s some gold back there!
  • Reuse, Recreate, and Recycle my wardrobe and mix it up a with creativity and daring. Going outside my comfort zone is a good thing.
  • Repeat the outfits that make me feel fabulous, confident, powerful. If I love it, why not repeat it?
  • Revere and Respect my body as it is right now. I’ve earned every wrinkle and pound!
  • Refrain from making comparisons to my former self or any of my past lives. Its counterproductive, and I know I’m better now in so many ways.
  • Revive the positive feelings I once had about myself. I’m still the same fabulous me!
  • Remember who I am— strong, beautiful, smart, vibrant and on a path to my next chapter. I believe that the next chapter will be the best yet.
  • Reach out to get the support and expertise to achieve this successfully and with permanence.*

(* Research indicates that to keep a New Year’s Resolution the first thing to do is educate yourself in your desired area and equip yourself with the resources you’ll need to be successful)

Fantastic Year Ahead:

Following this Resolution of Style will yield lasting results. I promise that your wardrobe, and attitude, will be renewed and ready for a fantastic year ahead. And isn’t that the goal of a New Years Resolution? 

HAPPY NEW YEAR, wishing you much style success!

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new year's resolution style reinvention

About the Author:

Debra Schwartz, as stylist and wardrobe therapist, is on a mission to empower women with confidence and joy through what they wear. Her goal is to have you show up with your authentic signature style for your chapters two, three, (or four!). Debra is a stylist and designer with more than three decades in fashion, cosmetics, design and branding.

Reach out to Debra at [email protected] and at tel. 917-699-1686. Find Debra on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/crushstylenow

*CONTACT me for the myriad of reasons why a closet curation and edit is critical to dressing successfully without stress. And book your complementary style discovery session here to get started. https://calendly.com/crush_style/stylediscovery

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