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Orgasms Don’t Lie – Coming To Terms With Ourselves

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Sexuality Expert: Beth Keil

Do you remember the song by Shakira, “Hips Don’t Lie”?

Dear Ladies, Neither Do Our Orgasms:

“Desire has more to do with what’s between your ears, and not what’s between your legs.”

The infamous, “I’ll have what she’s having” scene in the movie, When Harry Met Sally, speaks to a woman’s ability to fake an orgasm, but here’s the thing, she knows she hasn’t orgasmed, even if her lover doesn’t. Orgasms Don’t Lie – Coming to Terms with Ourselves.

You Could Choose To Fake It:

But your body will know and tell you through the lack of lubrication, desire, and responsiveness. Your mind will tell you when your thoughts drift elsewhere, or you wonder when it will be over.

Recently, in a Clubhouse room (an audio app), I was invited to speak on the topic of sex; the women who gathered had many questions about desire, intimacy, lubrication, as well as orgasms.

Desire has more to do with whats between your ears, and not whats between your legs.”, I told the group.

Connection Is The Real Lubrication!

“They are surprised HOW OLD these emotions are, and that they are what’s being triggered in the present.”

It’s what creates intimacy and being able to surrender yourself to the erotic and to your lover. Many women I’ve spoken with notice the difference when there is a deep connection with their partner, and when there isn’t. Relationship issues, especially long-standing, can lead to holding back emotionally, to protect yourself from being hurt. You may not be consciously aware…

But Your Body Knows! Orgasms Don’t Lie

Women I’ve worked with, who were dealing with issues around sexuality, desire, as well as their ability to orgasm, have come to realize how their emotions have been a huge factor in their sexual erotic expression. As a result, They are surprised HOW OLD these emotions are, and that they are what’s being triggered in the present.

When you’ve grown-up feeling abandoned, you can wait for your lover/partner to leave. When you’ve grown-up thinking there’s something wrong with you, or that you’re not loveable/good enough, you wait for others to realize it too.

How Vulnerable Can You Be With These Running In The Background?

“This voice, this inner knowingness, is a game-changer.”

These emotions and perceptions are part of the subconscious mind; this is why you cant just think yourself out of them. In the process of working together, women have healed the past they’ve continued living, giving birth to a new inner voice!

This voice, this inner knowingness, is a game-changer, giving them access to claim their sexuality, desire, and their pleasure!


Here’s to your inner Aphrodite!
When you fake it, remember, Orgasms Don’t Lie – Coming to Terms with Ourselves

About the Author:

Beth Keil helps her clients change and transform their lives. She offers a special focus on helping people claim the birthright of their erotic identity and to live in the joy, intimacy, and connection it brings. Beth is a Registered Nurse, MindSet Coach, and a Board Certified Hypnotist. Through her work, she enjoys integrating all her interests, experiences, and skills to bring sensuality, sex, and the erotic into greater awareness and conversation. You can schedule a 30-minute complimentary phone consultation with Beth using the Discovery Session icon.