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Guest Blogger: Carin Aichele
In an attempt to be relevant to you (Kuel Life readers) this morning I googled; What do women over 50 care about?
And now buckle your seatbelt because I am about to rail on the machine. That search led me to an endless list of Women’s dating sites, Women over 50 sex sites, Hot women over 50, What we want in a man over 50, Does penis size matter over 50?…it just went on until I was so disgusted, I immediately sat down to write you. I was disgusted because this list suggested that there was something or someone out there that I needed in order to be relevant.
For the sake of transparency, I’m a lifetime lesbian and cannot relate to caring what men see in me besides a bad-ass, loyal friend they can mountain bike, kayak, travel or back-country ski with and even get the bonus of great inspiring conversation. Plus, if we say meet at 10:00, ride 30 miles, beer and tacos afterwards…well, that’s what we do, it’s simple – #simpleasthat.
What I can relate to is being seen for my big heart, my business skill and incredible ability as an architect, a coach, facilitator, writer & photographer. I care that you appreciate my ability to see the Divine in everyone…well, I pause…if I’m honest, I don’t even care much about those things because I want to know that my worth is inherent, from within, from living aligned with my soul-directed life.
Let’s just pretend I had googled; What do lesbian women over 50 care about? I would be equally enraged to discover that the internet thinks we don’t give a damn about a thing excepte finding someone to complete us and her bra size. Come on world…catch up to us audacious and amazing people (women) who have lived a life of marriage, divorce, partnership, companionship, motherhood, professionalism, loving and giving ALONGSIDE seeking a purpose and desire to make a meaningful contribution in the world. We do this on the regular SOLO, in relationship with other amazing humans and yeah, sometimes alongside our romantic soul mate.
The point here is: we do it regardless of the size of a penis or what someone else likes in bed. So today KUEL ladies, I want to know what you truly care about. I want to support you in imagining and discovering it, in creating it and in being or living it to your absolute fullest. I want to see you soar and be inspired by your courage, your wisdom, and your willingness to go out there and live in your own authentic, passionate and hell ya, sexy way!
Carin Aichele is THE CHANGE AGENT. She is a personal and professional empowerment coach and inspirational speaker. Carin is masterful at supporting you in achieving any goal. Her auxiliary skills include mindfulness/consciousness coaching, spiritual direction and shamanic practitioner services. Her personal joys include her golden retriever pup, outdoor activity, travel, photography and writing. She is frequently found traveling solo throughout the USA and Canada in her RV gathering fodder for her book: The Courageous Woman’s Journey ~ Musings on Wandering with Curiosity and Wonder. Find Carin on our website under the Coaching section, under Life Coach. She can also be found on her website Imagine Create Be. Follow Carin on Facebook and Instagram.

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